What The Bus Driver Said That Almost Moved Me To Tears

It's another thrilling moment with Cephas. Are you a student, then you want to read this. Where did Cephas go that made him cry, what happened, what did the supposed driver say? Read and find out.

What The Bus Driver Said That Almost Moved Me To Tears
It was another emotional moment for me, the time to say 'bye' to my parents at home. The Christmas and new year celebrations were over, I had no choice but to return to my heavy books at school.

I had blended feelings, I did not want to leave my mother and father back at home, yet I was excited to go back to campus,  I missed the School vibes and my dear friends. School is always fun except the stress, you can actually bear witness to that.

I examined the expressions on my parent's faces, they were not too eager to let me go, however they had no choice, they had to, they saw me off to the place I had to take the bike.
Only God is aware of the time I'll see them again.
 At that moment of departure, all they could do was mutter some words of prayers, and hide any of their tears. They'll honestly miss me, I will too. 

The garage was some distance from home, so I had to wait patiently in the sun for some few minutes to get a less costly bike. That waiting almost prompted me a severe headache. Poor me!!

I got to the garage with my heavy loads, settled the bike man and I took the next bus going to my destination. 
I had just settled down in the bus, when I noticed a young man of my age, vibrant, handsome, mild and respectful, he approached me and presented me drinks, I was not interested in buying any, however my thought would not depart from this man, how can a young man like this be promoting drinks in a garage, was this his last option? 

What could have happened? It was very evident, his life was littered with suffering, I felt like calling him and discussing with him, but I knew had no time for that, all I could do was pray to God in my  heart to make a way for him. He honestly needed help.I also saw many young lads trying to earn a living in the garage with no hope for the future. 

 That was the commencing of my sorrow in the journey. 

And shortly before the bus moved, the big bang hit me.

A minor rift happened between a young lady (POS vendor) and a fellow commuter, the bus driver had to intervene because they were wasting our time.
In the course of his interference, the driver uttered a saddening statement that caught my attention, that sealed my sorrow for the journey.

 He had addressed the P.O.S vendor in his local Yoruba dialect

"She ni  toripe o kawe, o kawe, ko ri ise, ki ni iyato laarin Iwo ati eni ti ko kawe"

Translated as "Is it because you went to school, you went to school, yet you're jobless, what's the difference between you and someone who didn't go to school? "

Although, I did not know the academic qualification of that lady and what might have happened to her, however it's a statement that calls for a solemn assembly.
To me it looked like a daylight mockery, indirectly, the man was telling her, she wasted her time going to school. The man can not be blamed, the country is in a total mess.

At that time, I had to question myself, will I not end up like this? I had to make sturdy affirmations and say,No!! 
And I believe,the lady in question still has hope only if her eyes will open. Are your eyes opened? 
You've to query yourself too.

You'll only be addressed as an undergraduate for a few years.
After leaving school, what will be your lot? What'll be your new status? What will make you stand out? Do you've  what it takes to compete in the labour market?
 In the next ten years,where will you be? Do you've a definite plan?
May you not regret wasting your time in school? It's time to act. Find some thing to do. Don't waste time!!!!

Thank you for reading. Kindly watch out for another exciting adventure with Cephas.
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