The Question That Took Away My Sleep

Welcome, Cephas is here to take you on an interesting journey.He had an encounter that brought to his memories, one of the most controversial questions on earth, men have always tried to find an answer to it. What's the question? Read and find out.. Happy reading

The Question That Took Away My Sleep

It was a sunny day, turned rainy. We marched directly from class to the lab in main campus. 
Nothing much was really going on in my mind. 
But to be candid, for the very first 
time, I felt like an original medical student
I was glad I was going to begin practicals after weeks of waiting.
My spirit was high.
My exhilaration was able to calm my fears.
I peeped in from the window, I saw them lying down without a movement.
That second was a redefining one for me.
Finally, I said to myself, I've got to do this.
But my courage was fast melting, I certainly know the type of person I am, sincerely,I'm extra fragile than egg.
The instructor came out and called us in.
Although, that was not the first time I entered that building, I had entered it several times, but this
time, my eyes were fed with sights of lifeless bodies.
Fear gripped me, but at the same time, I was excited, but compassion was the reigning entity in
my heart.

Seeing a human being like me, naked , lying down helplessly, ready to be tampered with, touched
the deep part of my emotions.
Distributed into groups, with our dissecting sects, writing materials and manuals, we circled the
We were like soldiers waiting for instructions from the commander.
My imaginations played with me, it was as if the body tried to rise, but I still kept my calm. I
wanted to touch, but I just did not have the courage to do so.
Many thoughts ran through my mind, but they were suspended, I'm here for business. I'm here
to learn. I got to be serious. To my surprise, in my group the ladies were the set men, they swung into action while we, the guys were the spectators.
We were to locate some vascular structures in the lower limb. That was quite difficult. When 
next you see a surgeon, treat him/her like a demigod.
I watched at close range, but could not touch, my colleagues complained about the smell, I
never believed it, until I moved my nose to the point of dissection, phewwww, it was a burning
sensation in the nose. I regretted doing that.

To top it all, it started raining, the electricity was taken, with lab coats and facemasks on, the heat there was choking.
In a bid to gain more confidence, I moved around to check other bodies.
I saw clearly that humans are not strong. We're just too weak. I said to myself, it does not take
more than a minute to become like them. They could not even raise their hands to stop us. They could not cover their nakedness. At this point, I thought of myself, of how I've always covered my nakedness.

 They were as vulnerable as anything. Even if Joe Biden comes near, it's too late, they can't greet him. Even if a bag of millions of dollars was brought close to them, it was useless to them. You will spend eternity trying to tap them to wake up and eat the best of foods. The thought of sex can never cross their minds again. Pornography at that time, can't move them. It was all over. Just appreciate God that you're still breathing, man is nothing, when his spirit is gone.
Notwithstanding, the dissection was cool, seeing the things you've been reading in textbooks,
most especially atlas, was another source of excitement to note. We were like little gods in our
own eyes.
But then, I remembered,
That's someone's father, someone's uncle, someone's brother. I could have been the one. You could have been the one too.
Our time expired, there was still excitement in the air, we took pictures outside, as a businessman, I had an order to deliver, but the rain would not let me go.
Luckily, the rain went down. I went straight to the market and delivered the goods.
But till the end of that day, the smell never left my nose, it was as if I had stuffed in formalin in
my nose, the worst part of it was that, the images of the dissections never left my head. Any
little thing I saw that day, reminded me of the cadaver. To top it all, a disturbing question kept
coming to my heart.
What was the disturbing question that caused turbulence in my heart? You and I will end up like them(lifeless)one day. That day is fast approaching.Then, when that day comes, WHAT NEXT?

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