The Nurse With An Entrepreneurship Spirit: Exlcusive Interview with Okunade Ifeoluwa

Who's the Okunade Ifeoluwa?
Okunade Ifeoluwa is a recent graduate of the faculty of Nursing science, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology. She is the first child in a family of four. She is a Nurse with an entrepreneurship spirit.

Why Nursing?
Did anyone inspire you? 

Nursing because it has to be nursing.
Taking a look at my assignment on earth, I discovered nursing is the best profession or place to carry out my assignment.
 I love to care and put smiles on peoples faces, 90% of those that come to the hospital are not happy because of what they are passing through, I see nursing as a means to reaching out to people. 
Nurses stay longer with patients, they get to know what they are passing through and help them out. I choose nursing so as to care and put smiles on my patients faces.
My Mum inspired me, she is also a Nurse.

 Did you encounter any challenge as regards getting admission to study Nursing?
If yes, can you share them?

Yes, I did.
 I wrote Jamb thrice😂, I got admission into nursing at my third attempt. First year was 2013, I was given two admissions that year into two different institutions, one institution gave me Agric and the other gave me Physics. Second year that I did jamb, I was not given any admission because I didn't meet up with the cut off mark.
Third year which was 2015 was the year I least stressed myself, I wrote jamb, did post utme and I was given nursing on merit.

 Recently, you accomplished the great feat of being the overall best graduating Nursing student from LAUTECH. Congratulations
But how were you able to do it?

God helped me. Determination to succeed and to be the best also helped me. I always set my priorities right, there is time to study, time to play and time to do business(money is also important you know😜)

 We realized you are a baker and you have a personal brand to that effect.
How do we reconcile that to nursing?
Are you going to do the two?

Nursing and Baking, two different things that I have passion for. They might not be related but they helped me to become who I am today. Aside the passion I had for baking, baking helped me in school to make money as a student, nursing is expensive, my parents really tried but there were times I would not want to ask for money from home because I knew the situation of things at home, baking fetches me extra income to take care of my other needs.
I do not have plans of leaving both nursing and baking. I am looking forward to expanding my baking business and to continue my nursing career, who knows, I might be the first person to start Nursing patients with baked products😁

 What was your greatest challenge as an undergraduate

Financial challenges.

What's that thing you thank God for knowing or doing early in life?

Knowing God early in life. I knew God for who He is and what He is capable of doing for me, this eased my journey and gave me comfort anytime I had challenges.

As regards relationship, were you in any in your undergraduate days?
Do you encourage getting into relationship as an undergraduate?

Yes, I was.

If you are matured and you know that you can handle a relationship as an undergraduate, why not?
Getting into a relationship as an undergraduate will not affect your grades if you know what you are doing and if you are with someone that understands the assignment. A good relationship will uplift you and add colours to your life.

As a patriotic citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, are you willing to stay in Nigeria and practice, or elope for greener pastures?

Smiles, to be sincere, I am not sure yet, as at this moment, I have no plans of leaving Nigeria, but then, never say never. Even if I will later elope for greener pastures, I will still practice in Nigeria.

What do you have to say to those that are looking up to you?
Do not give up on your dreams, pursue them till they turn to reality.
Be yourself and do not compare yourself to someone else. You are unique, be you.

We appreciate your time. Thank you for honoring this interview.

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