I Wanted To Be A Footballer, But I Ended Up In Medicine: Exclusive Interview With Aderinto Nicholas.

Can we meet you?
 I am Nicholas Aderinto, I don't know what more to add to that, but I believe a person's name carries a lot and like I always joke with my friends, I want to get to a stage where I need not introduce myself. When you mention Coca-Cola everybody knows what  Coca-Cola is all about, I will just leave it at that.

Why Medicine?

My journey to medicine was not planned, growing up I wanted to be a footballer but then my mother stopped me, she believed that football is not a profitable path, looking at the number of people that made it through football, especially in Africa. After that I told them I wanted to be a pilot but I was told I will need to be good in mathematics, but I did not like mathematics, although I had good grades in it.

 At that time I thought of what I could do and  I felt like going for medicine, my older brother was studying medicine I liked what he was doing, especially  his ward coat, sometimes he brings some of his instrument home, and that's how I got in.
 But years after, I will later be learning about the love of God and I learnt quite early that through my confusion as a young boy, all things worked together for good and it was pre ordained by God for me to be in medicine.

Why did you choose to be a writer? Why not photography or any other skill?

I learnt a lot of skills that people don't know. For instance, I learnt photography for 8 months during ASUU strike, we were at home for close to two years. I also learnt graphic design, animation but they are not my forefront skills .
I did not choose to be a writer, I've always written things while growing up. I grew up in an environment that taught me I am responsible for my life.
 I had journals where I document things, that's how I started writing. I couldn't speak quite well, I was shy, I usually had palpitations while talking to the crowd. Wrting was the easiest way for me to convey my thoughts. The love of God ordered me, just like He made a wonder out of the rod of Moses, that's how God has taken writing from my life for His glory. I didn't set out to be a writer, it was a step-by-step guidance into shape

You were once shy? How did you overcome it?

I was actually very shy but I got into leadership positions, I had to talk to people and those experiences shaped me.

You're a busy personality, briefly run us through a typical day of yours.
Busy personality. Oh no! My day usually starts around 6 a.m. especially during weekdays except on weekends. I start my day with God's word(devotion/quiet time) for like an hour, I read news briefing from  New York Times which gives me a briefing of happenings globally. I read at least three articles everyday, on faith, history and science. I read one in the morning before I go to school or hospital, I also read another in the afternoon, some of my evenings are usually with some religious activities. Sometimes I get back home around 7 p.m. and read the last article, and if I'm reading a book I dedicate that time to reading the book.bI also read a scientific briefings on Mondays, I listen to podcasts often, I also watch documentaries. My weekends are quite different, I sleep late on Friday night to reflect on the activities of that week. I also reach out to my friends on weekends for indepth conversations, I receive questions everyday, so I use weekends to answer them extensively.

From creditable sources, it was revealed that you believe strongly in the personality of God, did any special moment lead to this?

I believe in God, I believe there's a God. I've always been a church boy, I participated in church activities but I had a lot of questions growing up. My nature is curious, then I will stand in front of the house and asked "Who are you God? Why did He create us ? Who created God?".
 I asked around but I could not get credible answers, I gave my life to Jesus on a Sunday, May 5 2013 around 7 p.m. ,the atmosphere literally changed in my room. I knew certain things were right about the Christian Faith even though I had a lot of questions.  When I  got to school, I had this burden again to get answers to these questions. I studied materials, videos, messages ranging from resurrection to the validity of the Bible and then I came into assurance that the Christian faith is valid. There are three levels to the Faith journey, we have faith, reason and emotion. Emotions is the weakest, you can't build your faith life on emotions, the strongest level remains Faith.I believe in Jesus through faith.

What's your favorite part of medicine?

My favourite part of medicine is seeing patients recover, especially when all hope is lost. It brings joy to my heart, that's why I try to be the best in whatever capacity God has placed me. I've had moments I had to speak with patients that except the Lord intervenes there was nothing that could be done. That was always an emotional moment sharing God's comfort with them. Seeing people come depressed and seeing them leave happy through the power of the love of God  by the knowledge of medicine God has placed in men.

Seeing patients recover is such a great joy, have you had moments where the patient did not survive? How was the experience?
 I've had those moments before,  I witnessed the death of three patients in a day, it was saddening. I went home with a lot of questions in my heart,  I couldn't even read well that night. I've learnt that the more you face those sad moments, you are likely to lose your compassion, so you've to be careful.

Who inspired you to become a writer?

Writing for me while growing up was fun. I would acclaim that my parents taught me to read. Mum would tell me that if you should read, there is no place you can not get to. My parents invested heavily in us in terms of reading.
Every evening, we read with mum. I've read all Chinua Achebe's book and many others, African and international books. It was an atmosphere that inspired a lot of thoughts to be written down. My parents played a crucial role likewise my brothers who read a lot of books. 

Do you've a mentor? What's your take on mentorship?

I have mentors, of different types which I believe is a model for life. Mentors such as Leke Alder, Strive Masiyiwa, Apostle Joshua Selman, Ravi Zacharias. They have modelled my life, I've not seen some of them but I follow them keenly. I listen to their messages, watch them, read from their blogs. Their  informations and resources have really blessed me. Some of them are dead like C.S Lewis, but they've really shaped my life.I look forward to meeting those that are still alive like Apostle Joshua Selman. I have mentors across various fields. I'm the last born, so I've been under the mentorship of my brothers over the years. I'm a product of many people, many senior colleagues have given me money to buy books and also go for events.
 Everybody needs guidance in life and in the multitude of counsels there is safety. The model of mentorship these days don't work because you can't get someone that can mentor you across boards but in specific areas. Nobody wins in life without submitting to instructions.

What did you do to people that made them pick interest in you?

Some are by divine ordination, but I think altogether, I've mastered the law of honor over the years.When you see that the doors of people don't open to you, in most cases, you're violating the law of honor.

From your recent acheivements, no doubts, you're a seasoned professional writer, Rome was not built in a day, how did you get here? What's the secret?

Writing is not a talent but a skill. I have taken time to hone my skills, I read at least three articles every day, usually long ones. I have a constant pattern of reading and writing . I also submit my articles to people who have gone ahead of me for feedback. I always tell people when they come to me, but usually people want a quick and fast route to things and that does not work all. These things are products of habit and regimented living. There's a level of things I must write per week. It's an investment in knowledge, I've bought books with the last kobo in my account just because I want to be a good writer. I've chased people, registered for courses just to improve my writing skills

Can you share with us your best moment?

Best moments, I don't think I have one. I don't have a specific one, I try to enjoy every moment of life. I've always told my myself, " I will never have a better yesterday".

What's that thing you regret not doing or knowing early in life?

Because of where I grew up, I didn't learn to relate with people well early in life. I lived a lonely life in my early university days. That's one thing I've got to know now, the importance of relationship. I've worked on it for the past few years and I think I'm quite better than before.

Can you share with us one of your most challenging moments?

That was when I failed my first UTME exam, I had never known failure in my academics, I was quite brilliant , I left primary School in primary 4, I had my GCE result in SS2, I was also the Assistant Senior Prefect for the school.  All that was left for me was my UTME exam, when I finished the exam, I thought I had passed but it was a sad moment when the results were released .
How did you overcome it?
 For me then, I had the redefinition of my life that year, I read a book by John C Maxwell, "failing forward". It taught me what failure is and what failure is not. Failure is not final, failure is not fatal,failure is an event. The book really helped me a lot and it's a book I usually recommend for everybody going through a tough time, it's a book on how to deal with a moment of failure
We know you as a patriotic citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, are you also considering leaving this nation for greener pastures?

Like Peter said "all good and perfect gift comes from above" and like my teacher Leke Alder would say "all good and perfect things come from above and not from abroad" I believe my success in life is dependent on the atmosphere of heaven not on where I travel to.

Have you ever considered going into politics?

Politics, No! I've never had any burden towards that direction, most of my burdens are towards the academia, I don't see myself in politics.

What do you've to say to those looking up to you?

Yes, it is good to look up to people and like one of my teacher would tell me "Nicholas, it is good to look up to me but God has given you a unique life to live, even though you can gain from my experience, make sure you don't live as my echo if God has given you a voice"
 Live a balanced life, God has a lot for you as a person live your best for God.

Thank you so much sir!

You're welcome

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