I May Be Single, But I'm On The Lookout

It's another beautiful time with Mr Cephas, in this piece, he overheard the conversation between two senior medics that altered his perspective on relationships.
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It was a glorious afternoon, the sun radiating in her very best structure of sunshine, obviously she did not have pity on  humans on foot, who were going to and fro on the surface of the earth for their day-to-day activities.
Some words of complaints came out from my mouth, I was like, God why?

Can't you shield this sun away from me?

Why me? Can't this sun simply go down for some minutes? 

It's an undeniable truth that man can by no means be satisfied, many times, our mouths are filled with complaints, if God can't satisfy man, who can?

Harmattan, Cold, Rain, Snow, Heat, etc, many are the afflictions of men.

That's to inform you, humans can by no means be satisfied.

Anyway, I got to my destination, the lecture theater, I exchanged pleasantries with Dr T, a senior medic who is getting ready for his professional exam, he has literarily relocated from his hostel to class.

The life of a medic is not without some touching stories, I didn't have much time to waste, I settled down to read.

I had incourses coming too, however this is the first time I was doing serious studying in days, I was totally carried away by the yuletide, I barely had time to read at home.

I settled down to study only to find out that, I was no longer used to studying again, I found it very tough to assimilate, it was as though I had never studied that book before, I thought I was reading it in Spanish.

I kept on trying to read, forcing myself in the best way I could, it is the sacrifice I had to pay for leaving my books for too many days.
But it got to a point, I had no option but to read and chat simultaneously, at least if I can not understand my books, then I can understand my phone.

I was still trying hard to concentrate, when a final year medic, Dr O. came to say hello, it was the first time I would be seeing him in the year, it's always a great time having him around and to drink from his wells of wisdom which I count as uncommon privilege, his sense of humor coupled with how he gives valuable insights is something I covet most instances .

His words were all I needed to understand what I was reading, it was like magic, it's a lesson I've learnt over time in Med school, the presence of those that have gone a long way in the journey offers an air of secrecy that can't be explained.
As he was about to go, he engaged in an interesting conversation with the other senior medic, Dr T.

I tried to pressure myself to concentrate, but the force of their conversation was strong enough to pull me out of reading. I had to hear this conversation on marriage, after all, I'm also single.
What were they discussing?
It was like a father to son discussion, those are the precious moments I enjoy in Medschool, I hold them dearly.

Of course, it's his last year in Medschool, the pressure to get engaged is building up, probably from parents and relatives, even from juniors, that's what was happening again, Dr T was telling him to introduce a woman to us, incidentally I'm also part of that campaign, it has been a long time I went for a wedding party, my seniors need to be in a position to supply me one.

And in truth, he agreed however he gave us a wonderful advice, that we must not be like him, as an alternative we should emulate another senior medic who in his fourth year is already engaged, I knew it was coming from a sincere heart. 
I was only listening to their conversation and smiling, when the elders are talking, the best posture to take is that of listening

At that moment he made the statement, my signal came up, I knew that was meant for me, after all marriage is coming soon, it's a fact I can't shy away from.

It's time to begin the search, but with a pure intention, although it's not a priority for now.

I may be single, and in all likelihood not yet ready for a relationship, but that does not avert my search, who knows, perhaps the lady is beside me.

It can be next year or in the next ten years, I'll never be pressured to get into one, but my simple advice is this, only get into a relationship when you know it's time and you're fully ready to face it alongside the challenges that accompany it. Many times, relationship offers bitter honey, you should be ready to bear that.
Now is the time to prepare!!!!!!
And my new relationship status is, I'm single but surveying.

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