The Only Secret I have is God: Exlusive Interview with Oladotun Ajayi

Welcome to Cephas Insights, Sir.
Who's the Oladotun Ajayi?
Thank you so much for this privilege. I honestly do not take this for granted. And, well-done. Your works are highly commendable.

Oladotun Ajayi is a Son of God whose mandate is still being built which I hope in the next years will come to fruition. I'm a product of help, so, I prioritize helping people around me the best way I can. The understanding of help I mean is more than the meaning itself.

Why Nursing?
Did anyone inspire you?

 Well, there's a story behind this.
Right from time, I've pretty much had the dream to become a Medical Doctor. "obviously the dream of 90% of the Nigerian science students in secondary schools".
At some point, I lost interest and was indecisive. But, I decided to go for it. My Dad is the major inspiration behind choosing a medical course because of "his state".
Few years later, I got into the university with a course I didn't have so much interest in which is Science Laboratory Technology. I got in with the hope of writing Jamb so as to apply for Medicine again.
 Unfortunately, I wrote Jamb again and applied for the Post Utme and still didn't get in. At this point, it was looking like I won't study a medical course.
So, I tried another option. I considered crossing out of SLT and considered several options before I opt-in to Nursing. The period of the crossing process was so terrific. I had lost hope because my Portal didn't change until a week to Nursings' first semester exam in 200 level. 
Fortunately, on a Sunday evening, a week to Nursings' first semester exam, I had a change of portal, I was already writing the exam for the former department before I finally got in. That was how dramatic it was before getting into Nursing.
So, I basically got into Nursing through Dad, fate and passion.

What would you have gone for apart from Nursing?

Apart from Nursing, I would have gone for Medicine. If not medicine then I would have gone for a Tech related course that would still solve health care problem.

Can you share with us your philosophy of life?

 I do believe in the philosophy of the possibility of doing great things from a small place. 
In the words of Tunde Onakoya "It is possible to do great things from a small place"
These words bring so much hope and resonate well with me.

Can you share with us some of your major regrets about life?

 I haven't had any major regrets. God's plan for my life is void of regrets. So, I haven't heard any major regrets all my life. The life I'm living has been planned by God and the moment I've had are refining moments which is shaping me on my journey.

You're a popular and recognized personality on LinkedIn, how did you acheive this? What's the secret?
The only secret I have is God. And, I've particularly not done something so spectacular, God's Grace found me and I said initially, I'm living based on God's plan. And, living according to God's plan and leadings is so important as you're progressing.

 You were recently recognized by Engati as one of the African top 50 influencers on LinkedIn. Congratulations
How did you feel when you received this news?

When I received the news, I was so surprised and at some point, I doubted if I was the one on the flyer as a part of the list. The recognition came earlier than I expected. I wasn't on LinkedIn to receive any award, recognition, or something, but that was how God had it. I just had to align with what God would have me do, more.

If there is one thing LinkedIn has taught you, what would that be?

 Rendering a posture of service continually; I made a post about this sometimes back; It's not always about what you have to "get" but about what you have to "give". People are most times drawn to hands that are open to give and not always hands that are ready to receive, contextually. So, creating a structure that would continually offer people their needs should be a priority to make a sustainable impact.

 You're a popular and respected personality.
Influence and popularity come with a lot of things both pleasant and unpleasant.
How have you been able to manage them all?

 I've had my fair share of both. The pleasant experiences can be encouraging while the unpleasant experiences have over time refined me.
Getting overwhelmed sometimes deters you from a lot. Meaning the level at which you focus on important things at this point gets so ridiculous. 
And, you do not want that. So, what I do most times is that I take a break. Like I've always said, consistency does not always have to be "daily" it should be at your pace and keeping up steadily with it.
 All of these would make you not get overwhelmed with the noise out there. And, would also help fast-track your progress.

What's your take on the forthcoming presidential election in Nigeria? Are you also a supporter of Peter Obi?

Well, I'd say I got so much interest in politics right from the primaries. The game is getting interesting and I'm getting more interested. This got me searching to the nooks and crannies in politics. But for now, I'd say I'm also supporting the third party system after noting his manifesto. But, most importantly God's will be done.

What do you have to say to those that are looking up to you?
It's a privilege to be looked up to and I do not take that for granted. However, we all are on the journey to success. 
My advice would be that you choose your paths strategically, build multiple systems and even before, identify why you're going on that path and building those systems to avoid questions that would turn out a mirage later in the future.
And, I hope to continually inspire lives in my own way, with the resources I have and how best I can.And, I'm so definite about this that;everything good will come. Thank you♥️!
Thank you so much for this opportunity, once again, I do not take this for granted. Cheers to more!

Thank you for honoring this interview.

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