10 Things To Do During This ASUU Strike.

Wasting time?

One of these might have been your experiences since the ASUU Strike started. Of course, you've all the time to yourself, no need to rush to the class early in the morning, no tests, assignments and projects, so you've all the day to yourself only. But you can be confused on what to do exactly, they might have told you to learn something but you still don't know how and what to learn.

You obviously need help, in this piece, you'll get step by step guide on how to to make the best use of this moment.

1. Self assessment
 Take time to ask yourself some questions. Carefully examine yourself. What exactly do I want? Who am I? What can I do? What do I need? With these questions, you'll be able to recognize your strength and weaknesses. You'll be able to know the areas where you need to work on. Asking self personalized questions will reveal your true state and the exact things you need.

2. Set Goals
After realizing what you need, prioritize them according to their levels of relevance and importance, then set your desired goals. What do you want to acheive? For example, I'm a content writer and I can decide to write at least 500 words everyday on different topics, yours might be different from mine, you can decide to finish one book per week. Remember to make your goals SMART.
S- Specific, M-Measurable , A- Acheivable, R- Realistic, T-Time bound.

3. Get an accountability partner. 
 Acheiving these goals can be wearisome sometimes, you need someone that can put you on your toes, you need an accountability partner. When you've more time, you tend to become lazy, it's a product of psychology. It can be anybody, your friend is a preferable option, just make sure it's someone you truly respect and you can also obey when corrections are given. Get one as soon as possible.

4. Read books on self development.
The greatest investment you can ever make is invest in yourself. How do you invest in yourself? Read books, edifying ones. You can also add some novels to it especially if you're a writer like me. You can still improve, you can be a better version of yourself. Such books will always challenge you to do more.There are so many authors out there, I'll only recommend a few for you, Malcolm Gladwell, Brian Tracey, Myles Munroe are good to start with.
However, if you've issues reading books, you can always go to YouTube to get video contents of some good speakers. But I'll advise strongly that you still read books.

5.Think and Meditate.
I personally feel this art is fading away in this generation. During this period, can you dedicate an hour a day to think? Try and create time to be still, it's a bit hard, but believe me, it's achievable. But caution, think about memorable things ONLY. With deep thinking, you'll be able to pay attention to minute details you've not noticed before. This is also one of the best ways to generate ideas. If you're a follower of Jesus, I recommend that you meditate on the book of proverbs daily.

6. Build and Solidify Good Relationships.
Relationship is a currency, sometimes it's greater than money, it can fetch you what money cannot fetch for you. Take time out with friends, family and well-wishers. You can pay them visits, if they're too far away, connect with them online via chats, voicechat or video calls. Just make sure the cords are stronger before the end of this break.

7. Take a course, to learn something new.
You need to learn something new, YouTube is a great asset for that. You can register for free courses online or some paid courses too depending on your financial status. Udemy, Coursera, Side hustle internship etc are there for you. It can even be soft skills, make sure this season does not pass without you learning something new.

8. Volunteering
One of the best things to do in this season is volunteering, help others to acheive their dreams, serve humanity, help others to grow. As you do this, you're also growing and developing yourself . You can join any available organization around you.You can also render services for organizations for free, you're gradually building your CV.

9. Entertain yourself, have cool fun.
Watch edifying movies, hang out with friends, read novels, travel around, meet new people, just enjoy yourself, but be moderate about it.

10. Engage in spiritual activities.
Man has a spirit component, this can not be neglected nor ignored. It's an essential part of human. For example, I'm a Christian and I believe in Jesus, I feel good doing my spiritual activities, I feel rejuvenated and energized anytime I engage in them.

All we've around in the media is propaganda and mere speculations, it's not yet sure when academic activities will resume back on campus, don't waste this time.
Thank you for reading.
Did this bless you? Let me see your beautiful comments in the comments section.

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