Are Women Truly Devils?

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Are Women truly Devils?
I had carefully selected this particular route to pass whenever I'm going back home, it's usually silent and had less people passing through it, I have chosen it to be one of my favorite streets, many times when I pass through the street, I take my time to meditate on real life issues, I would use that time to assess and judge my activities for the day, and sometimes I would communicate with God on certain life issues.

On this fateful day, it had been a long day and I was exhausted,I had no choice but to move my fatigued limbs down to the hostel. 

As I was on my way, my mind was fixed on certain issues, there were many things to think about, and of course as a student, there's always something to think about, I was in the world of my thoughts when I overheard the discussion of two old women that distracted me away from my thoughts. I was a little bewildered by what I heard.
What would have made two women agree to such a questionable statement?

For the previous months I've been passing through that street, I've had little interactions with those women, including helping them out in some little errands in the best way I could and it has always been a prayer from the depth of my heart, that the Lord will prosper their children to be able to take care of them more, I was not too comfortable with their state.

What did one of them say?

Esu lobinrin
Interpreted as "women are devils"
The other woman also agreed to the statement.

Although, I had heard people say it several times before, but this time it reverberated through the world of my imaginations.

From the tone of their conversation, they really didn't see anything wrong with that, infact they took pride in that statement and that kept me baffled for days. 

Prior to that moment,  I had seen a statement credited to a reputable man of God from Nigeria that said,

If a woman says she'll deal with you, run! 

Are women to be feared?
Are they that dangerous?

Are they that potent to destroy the destinies of men?

 In history and recent times, many great men have fallen due to the tactics of a woman.
Shall we now because of this tag women as being devilish? 

Note that many women in times past and also in recent times, have fallen due to their ordeals with men, but I've not heard anybody tag the male gender as being devilish.

Also, it's of popular opinion that if you want to destroy a man, send him a lady.

 I don't know what happened that led to those women's conclusion that women are devils, but it's highly stereotypical.

It's a matter of deep reasoning.
While some women may take pride in it, I consider it as an insulting statement to the female gender .
Humans have been endowed with several mind-blowing potentials, but we're left with the choice of whether to use it for good or evil. 

Because some women have used their potentials for evil does not mean we should tag the female gender as evil.

We have women doing great things out there, and no woman's mentality should be conditioned in such a way that she has been destined for the fall of men.
Women are mothers of nations, they are not evil, although we've some bad eggs .

And if you're a man, don't be deceived by the bag eggs, shine your eyes wella, women are great personalities to live with, I've many of them as friends and they're really wonderful people, it's just that they've their own weaknesses, and we should learn to acknowledge that.

Don't be intimidated by any gender, we've all been created as amazing beings. See yourself as an agent of change. You're created for good and not evil.
Love one another like never before.

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