Drama At The Bookshop 1

Welcome, Cephas wanted to get a gift for a friend at a bookshop, but a drama unfolded that gave Cephas an insight on how parents ought to relate with their children. Read and enjoy
Drama At The Bookshop 1

I rolled over the bed over and over again, I had a turbulent night, the hostel mosquitoes dealt with me many times in the night and by morning I was determined to take my sweet revenge.

I was gradually getting addicted to early morning sleep. Christmas and new  year holiday had terribly affected me. 
There I laid on the bed, my body and soul, making an attempt to argue it out. I was conscious, but to get up from that mattress was the principal obstacle, but then I remembered I had to get a gift for a dearly cherished friend, I rose up from the bed that same moment, if not I would have spent one more hour on that bed trying to compensate myself for the hours of sleep denied by the blood sucking mosquitoes.

I performed my early morning rites, even, even though it was not the perfect way I wanted it .

I had just arrived at school some few days back, and things were done done differently back at home, so I had to struggle to adapt to my newly recovered norm on campus.

The choice of clothes to wear gave me a subtle headache, shortly, after I took my bath, I observed that most of my clothes were not properly ironed, so I had to look for one that was in a good shape, it is a new year, I've to look good and of course, new year comes with new looks. You should agree with me on that. 

I was about to leave the hostel, when I remembered my little enemies, the mosquitoes. Immediately I swung into action and fumigated the house in order to deal with them , I was finally relieved when I ultimately dealt with them after nights of silent torture.It was Indeed a sweet revenge.

Actually, I've enjoyed a shield all the days of my life, mosquitoes don't bite me nor do they disturb me with their buzz sound, but not in my new hostel, the mosquitoes have been on top of their game, they've consistently dealt with my flesh according to their ability.

I proceeded to the gate, only to find out that, it had been locked. What a mess, I had to start looking for the security man, I was told, he was repairing some faulty doors upstairs. The hostel has been under tight surveillance since the new year began, this is to ensure no one enters without having the receipt for hostel payment for the new year.  It was a case of no receipt, no entry!! 

Anyways, I found the security man, collected the key,opened the gate, returned the key and proceeded straight to the bookshop.
I was faced with the dilemma of choice,I saw many books at the bookshop, I wasn't sure of the one to pick.

There were so many books to explore, most times, I intentionally don't take much cash to a bookstore to avoid the temptation of overbuying. 
I was carefully checking the  books when I overheard the woman in charge of the bookshop rebuking a young lad, but the lad  in question seemed unbothered, he stayed glued to his mobile phone,
I didn't really pay attention, my goal was  to  get my book and leave.

After many consultations and arguments in my spirit, I determined to succumb to the suggestion of the inner witness to pick a particular book, when I eventually glanced through the book, I was glad I picked it. 
I finally went to the woman to tell of my choice, she was glad I did because I had spent too much time there, you in all likelihood can't blame me, I desired to pick the excellent of the best for a dear friend.

It was time to settle the payments when the drama started. I had given her the money, she wanted to provide me my balance, when she found out that, she could not find a particular amount of money in her private purse.
At once, she turned straight to the young lad who was still busy with his smartphone ,whom I perceived to be her son, she yelled at him at the top of her voice, even in my very presence, but something I found difficult to understand happened.What happened?
To be continued shortly.

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