I Felt Empty Until I found It

I Felt Empty Until I found It

Everyone literally has something, if a thought probably for the most part had  crossed your mind, that you're useless and have no value, believe you me, it's a pure kind of lie, very contrary to basic truth. 
No man on the surface of the earth has been created without a specific substance. Note the use of the word 'specific'
We've all been created uniquely in the wisdom of the creator, and as such our purposes generally are different., which is quite significant. 
As a young man, I've tried Romany things out, If saw any opportunity, I kind of went after it, I've the strength, energy, passion.
I never really bothered to have a deep thing, all I basically wanted for all intents and purposes was to develop myself. 

But I really forgot one particular thing, I was created for a  particular purpose and not for everything in a particularly big way. 
I'm created to specifically solve human problems but not all problems. Sincerely, I kind of had a battle with my identity. I just did not know what to do. It got to a point, I was almost frustrated.

There was this emptiness in me, the sense of fulfillment was not there, I was not satisfied with myself. 

When I'm in the midst of my friends in those days when we had discussions, what I kind of felt for the most part was pure oppression in a sort of major way. 
My thoughts were always pretty streamlined in one line, "they're all kind of better than me", or so they thought. Confusion was like a cloud over me.
Listening to motivational talks almost became poisonous to my soul. I was the shadow of myself.

But here comes the good news, as I progressed, the vision got clearer and clearer, and now, I  know the exact purpose for which I was created, which actually is quite significant. It was basically the thing I needed.

I can't do everything, but I can do something, I've only been sent to contribute my own quota.

In this journey of life, it's safer to really know who you are, and what you've been sent to do, otherwise you'll only labor with little or no achievements.

You cannot keep on copying your friends.
Find your identity, know what you've been called to do.
Truly, you're moving, but are you sure they're the right steps in the right direction, are you not only moving backwards?
If you're someone still looking for purpose, pay much attention to yourself, do much of inquiry, and essentially be patient. You can't finish your journey of inquiry in a day.

Lastly, if there's no sense of fulfillment in that which you're doing,there are be an eternal void  in your heart which may eventually hurt you till death.
Find purpose now and carefully hold on to it.