Cephas Fell In Love, But.....

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Cephas Fell In Love, But ...
I sat alone, I read alone, I walked alone, I played alone, I ate alone, I lived in the world of loneliness until she came.

Sadly, in a class of over 50 students, I had nobody to call a friend, the previous year at school, I had tried to change the company of friends I kept, but then I was stuck, stuck between godliness and worldliness, I was neither here not there, I lost my social life, I became an enemy to many because I did not want to go back to my vomit, there was no one willing to receive me, I hated myself and became very bitter.

But then, my breakthrough came, a lady was recently admitted and brought to my class, obviously she was a new student, all spaces in the class were already filled up except the one beside me, I had no partner, she had no option but to sit beside the lonely boy in class, which was me.
I found a new companion, who never knew my past and atrocities.It was an opportunity to rebuild my social life, I had no choice than to use her as a solid foundation, she was the answer to my prayers.

Luckily for me, we flowed along very well, although many times, some people tried to discourage her, busybodies all around, I was not liked by many, I looked strange to many of them, I was not in any way close to a social being, to worsen the situation, my character had some loopholes.

 Many of our classmates were a bit jealous, we became like a couple although, we were mere friends, nothing more than that.

Before I knew it, I fell in love with her, my emotions were high, Cephas was full of love. I moved about smiling, you need to see that smile.

Who would not love a lady like this?

Godly, brilliant, vibrant, versatile, she became the envy of the whole class through her academic performance, I was so glad she was right beside me, all by my side.

But here comes the main problem, I could not express myself, I couldn't tell her I love her, I was scared to the bones, her love intoxicated me day and night, it was like fresh and bright wine, I did everything possible to keep her by myself only

Here is a peep into what my thoughts looked like then.

What If I tell her I love her? She will probably like it , we'll then start dating. What if she says no, I'll suffer an heartbreak. To break the camel's back, if I tell her I love her and she reports me to the school authorities, I risked suspension.

Poor me, I was only a secondary school student who knew nothing, I concealed my emotions because I could not take the risk, then gradually, it grew into jealousy.

I never wanted to see anyone beside her, I wanted her for myself only, before I knew it, I started reacting which affected our relationship, and then we had numerous quarrels, luckily for her and unfortunately for me, we eventually separated, she left my side and was able to secure an extra seat somewhere else.

I was done for, my only found friend left me, I was back to square one, but then she ignited something in me, she successfully took me out of the world of loneliness, I could not return, and till today, I've never returned, although I battled
with her love in my heart for many months even after separation, I must confess, it was months of agony, but before we left secondary school, the whole love thing had vanished in my heart.

As a young lad, I could not manage my emotions, I was totally lost, I was so scared of my parents then, I kept it all to myself.
And that's basically one thing, even grown up adults find difficult to do, how to manage emotions.

Learn how to use your heart and brain at the same time, caution yourself, set limits, don't pass a wrong message through your actions, learn how to curtail your excessive emotions, most of the things we call love sometimes are mere infatuations, they're not real, learn to discern your emotions, if not you'll bear the brunt.
Your emotions can make you.
Your emotions can ruin you.
My emotions almost ruined me during my months of agony, but I was able to survive.
Learn to manage your emotions, unless you'll be served a lot of hot breakfast continuously.

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