I Thought It Was Impossible Until I Tried It

Welcome once again, In this piece ,Cephas found something, he needed to find the owner, in the course of doing that, he learnt a new lesson? What's the lesson, read and find out!

I Thought It Was Impossible Until I tried it

It was  on a Sunday morning, I was having my normal regular routine walks, I've all the time to myself on Sunday mornings, so I use it for the fine things available. That's one of the few moments I hold dearly,I rarely missed it.
I had finished my walk and I was  heading back home, close to the entrance of my abode, I found a school I. D card lying helplessly, I really did not know what to do with it.

Of course, it's time to be an actual appropriate Samaritan, but I was a bit confused, I genuinely did not know what how to go about it, I have not done something like this before, and what if this whole thing ends up being a bad idea?

Anyways, my benevolence put me in a position to conquer my fears,I had it picked up. But days became weeks and I could not do anything  about the ID card, I did not know how to reach out to the owner.

The only alternative I had was to post it on my WhatsApp status, but deep down in my thoughts, I was convinced, it can't work, I underrated the power of social media.

There are many things social media can do, it can bring you golden opportunities and as well ruin you, it depends on your choice. Be wise when you're on social media.

One fateful evening, I was idle, so I determined to strive it all out with the idea, although the thought that it might not yield results was still there, I went ahead I did, I posted it on my WhatsApp status and shortly went beforehand to do some other things.

But to my shock, with less than 40 mins, the owner contacted me, it was jaw dropping. How on earth was that possible? 

What I thought would not work in the end worked out perfectly, even at the least expected time, the owner collected it the following day

That day, I learnt a very strong lesson, OPTIMISM.The only reason why you sense it won't work is because you have not tried it. Your fears are nothing, however they are false. That idea that has been with you for years, and you have not taken a step on it, it is time to return to them, it works. Like one of my close friends would say, Your dreams are valid....

Be optimistic, believe it can work and it'll definitely work

Go and pursue your dreams