The Photographer's s Plight

Mr Cephas is glad to have you here once again, you definitely have been taking photographs before, but what you're about to read will show you something you probably have not noticed before.
So sit down, relax, read, enjoy, comment and share with your loved ones.
Happy reading.
The Photographer's Plight
It was another busy day, such is the life of a medic, necessity has been laid upon us, it's practically impossible to sit idle and waste time, sometimes there is no time to rest, we just have to keep our heads straight, although we brought that upon ourselves, so there are no rooms for complaints.

The day obviously was going as planned, and it was time for the main event of the day, the long awaited entrepreneurial training holding in a nearby campus, I was more than prepared to attend, I was confident that I would get the best out of it, which I eventually did .

The time for convergence was at noon, but African time had it's way again, preparations for how we'll get to the venue were still taking place, and I had to use that time judiciously by popularizing Adventures with Cephas, which I feel you should also do.

After close to an hour of waiting, all was set , and we started the journey, my excitement knew no bounds, because that'll be my first time of visiting that renowned campus.

We got there and waited for some few minutes before the program kick-started. It was back to back, littered with impacting knowledge, I had to admit that it was another turning point for Mr Cephas, my thoughts were close to exploding. It was time to give humanity another solution, concluded Mr Cephas. I thanked my stars for not missing such an encounter, and of course, the event was spiced up with some little refreshments, coupled with amazing gestures from the facilitators. 

Sadly, our time was up, it was time to say our goodbyes, and that was the best time to network with other great minds present at the event, although I suffered a rejection from an handmaiden, surprisingly I wasn't moved neither did it bother me, I was surprised to see myself react in that way, in the previous years, that act from that lady would have ended up as a depression for me, I told myself, Mr Cephas has grown . To mark the occasion, we took some photographs, at that point, nothing really troubled me .

But then, when I entered the bus, I remembered that he wasn't part of that photograph. Who?
The photographer!!!!!!
That sent me on a journey of thoughts.

Such is the fate of every photographer, the photographer can not be part of the picture he's taking, except in selfies which is not a standard picture.

 Anyone that will see the pictures he took that day will never see him in the photograph, but he was there, working behind the scene.

Dear reader, any lesson for you there?

You'll not always be visible, it's not every time that your labours will be recognized, sometimes you'll have to labour in secret, it's not every time you'll be appreciated, it's one of the greatest lessons of life, and it's a kind of death on it's own. 

Learn to work and do good even when in secret, when you will probably get no visibility and eventually, no immediate reward.
But here's a consolation, one day, the works of the photographer will speak for him, he'll be summoned for the world to see and recognized for his good works, likewise a day will also come when you'll be summoned to be rewarded for your good works, a day will come when you'll be rewarded, but before then, you'll have to labor.
Learn to labor in secret.
You'll not always be visible.
You'll not always be seen.
Learn to labor without having rewards in view.
Learn to labor, because you want to serve.
Have the mentality of a photographer, it's not every time people will know you're working, but you're working. Learn to avoid unnecessary shows.

Be a photographer!!!!!