7 Proven Ways To Overcome Depression

I remember those black days, it was full of sorrow, shame and anger. I was a shadow of myself, it looked as though the end has come, for many days I wished that the earth will come to an end or that I will just vanish into thin air. I wined and dined in sadness, but in in the end, I overcame, depression could not take hold of me, you can also overcome.
Everyone definitely have up's and down's, but the way we manage it really matters a lot.
One of the things that the society grapple with presently is depression. Everybody comes out smiling and rejoicing, we all try to hide our pains except for some very few ones who don't have enough strength to hide it. 
Depression is on the rise, and we must tackle it. Many people have been looking for ways on how they can overcome depression, but they don't really know how to overcome it. Below are some factors responsible for depression.

Factors responsible for depression.
* Failure
* Loss of loved ones
* Stress
* Inadequate sleep
* Mental disorder
*Health Issues
* Betrayal etc.

Depression is very easy to set in, if you lose guard. It can set in unconsciously. Stated below are some symptoms of depression.

Symptoms of depression
* Wanting to stay away from People
* Sleep issues( over sleeping or sleeping less)
* Inability to concentrate
* Hatred
* Suicidal thoughts
* Changes in appetite
* Unnecessary anger etc

Many lives have been cut short simply because they could not overcome depression, many have given up, many feels it's just something they have to battle with, but it's all a lie. You can overcome depression, it's possible. 

Below are some tips that will help you to overcome depression, but it'll take some time, you can only trust the process.

1. Eating healthy foods.
2. Keep yourself busy.
3. Listen to good music always. 
4. Give yourself to the service of others.
5. Having an accountability partner.
6. Surround yourself with good people 
7. Medicine and Therapy 

1. Eating healthy food
This cannot be overemphasized, if you eat poorly, it'll in turn affect your health and that may worsen your situation . It has been discovered, that eating good food has direct impact on your mood. You can try this out, especially foods that have good taste in the mouth. Take a lot of water too. Fruits and vegetables are good options available.

2. Keep yourself busy.
Depression thoughts thrive majorly when you've nothing doing, if you're idle, the devil will toy with your mind. Give yourself to exercise, set up goals that you want to achieve. Find something doing to avoid strange thoughts. Anything productive that you can lay your hands on, please do.

3. Listen to good music always.
There's a way good music affects the soul, it gives a soothing sensation, especially solemn music. Carefully choose the type of music you want to listen to, pay attention to the lyrics. You can pick songs that has to do with love, affection, beauty of creation, culture and humanity. Music is a good antidepressant.

4. Give yourself to the service of others.
It's an evident thing, an average human being would want to be selfish, concerned only about his own issues. What many don't know is that when you solve other people's problem, you're indirectly solving yours.When you serve others, you totally forget about your own sorrows, you discover purpose and then you'll discover that truly, the world needs you. You can engage in volunteering activities around you to get this done.

5. Have an accountability partner.
One of the quickest ways to exit depression is to have an accountability partner. You should be able trust a particular person that you'll report yourself to, when things go wrong. By talking to the person, you lighten the weight on your heart, you become free.The human brain works that way, that when you share your problems, you become partially relieved. Have someone to share your problem with.

6. Surround yourself with good people
You're a product of your thinking and  that of your immediate environment. The people you interact with will eventually influence you. The people you move with have direct impact on your actions. Have people around you that will encourage you, don't move with people that will talk down on you. If you move with people that consistently trigger your sad moments, use every opportunity to avoid them.

7. Medicine and Therapy
Sometimes, depression may be as a result of mental illness and as such requires medical attention. If you notice that with all the tips shared, you still batlle with constant depression, it is suggested that you visit a professional for better treatments.

Try all this out, you'll definitely come out victorious, you can overcome depression!!!