Can Femi Fani Kayode Please Answer This?

Femi Fani Kayode
Source: FFK's Facebook page

A former Minister of Aviation, a former chieftain of the PDP, but now a strong member of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC.
Known for his extraordinary oratory skills and skillful analysis of political matters, there's no doubt that he's one of the very few politicians that can eat their cake and still have it.

It was shocking to see a man that had clearly said, it'll be over his dead body to return to the APC, but eventually returned. Although, many saw that coming and predicted it, but he denied it for many months before he eventually made the move.

Since his defection, one of the things worthy to note is that his heavy criticism of the Buhari administration has greatly reduced. It's a question on the lips of many Nigerians, FFK, Why the sudden silence? Or maybe he has chosen to work behind the scenes, a position which many Nigerians doubt.

Recently, FFK's sudden interest in the Russia-Ukraine Crisis is something that has called the attention of many Nigerians.
Recently, on his Facebook page, he made some remarks about the conflict, pointing accusing fingers at the U.S for causing the conflict.
He said,

"If you insist on talking or writing about the war in the Ukraine kindly get your facts right and do not repeat the one-sided, subjective and monotonous clap trap and fairy tales that CNN and the other international media networks are continuously churning out. 

Any student of modern history will tell you that the Russians were never the villains when it comes to acts of barbarity committed against sovereign nation states and against the oppresed people of the world.

That notorious title goes to the Americans, the Western European nations and their allies. 

More than any other nation on earth the Russians supported the liberation struggle of African, South American, South-East Asian and Third World countries and fought against colonialism, neo-colonialism, imperialism, apartheid and racial and religious suppression and bigotry. "

Those are just one of the very few things he said.
But then, one would wonder. It's so surprising to see an elder statesman neglect the issues we're facing in Nigeria and focus mainly on an international conflict.
That really looks somehow and unbalanced.
Terrorism, insecurity, inflation, electricity issues, economic depression, inadequate infrastructure and lots more are crippling this nation, yet FFK is silent.

I just want to draw the attention of FFK to this, in case he's not aware, I doubt if any of his children is in any Public University in Nigeria.
ASUU, NASU and SSANU are on strike, the university system in Nigeria lies in ruins, students are wasting away at home, yet FFK is silent.

But my question to the renowned politician and speaker is this.
Why is he silent on the shutdown of Public universities in Nigeria? Why? Why?
Nigerians deserve an answer. Nigerian students deserve an answer.
Of course, we do.
Or is he convenient with the strike?
What exactly is going on, Mr ex-minister?
Or has APC silenced you?
We carefully wait for your answers.

I'm only writing this as a concerned citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
God bless you as you respond.

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