Converting Failure To Success 101

Welcome, Cephas is glad to have you here once again, in this piece, you'll learn the basic ingredient needed in converting an imminent failure to eventual success.
Converting Failure to Success 101
For every step I took, I kept on looking at the choice of my trousers, I knew what I picked was not too okay with the white round neck top I had chosen to go for the outreach, the thought of going back home crossed my mind, but I discarded it considering that I was already late for the event, I knew within myself that going to the event this way will only earn me mockery from the students we were visiting, yet my stubbornness refused to permit me to go back.
As I moved some steps away still trying to convince myself that what I was putting on was okay, I looked up and saw some ladies passing by at the other side, they had caught me looking and cross-examining what I was putting on, they were walking as a group, it was very obvious they were making jest of me, I was totally embarrassed, to make the matter worse, after I passed them, they continued my discussion in laughter with one of them looking back, and our eyes met.
And that was the exact treatment I needed to melt my stubbornness to go back home, afterall I have not gone too far away from home, I quickly ran back home and made the change instantly, obviously I was running late for the outreach.

I got to the main road to take a bus going to my destination, I waited for several minutes, it was as though buses had packed out of town, the fuel scarcity has become a monster to the livelihood of many, and transport fare had sporadically increased .
After minutes of waiting, the Lord sent me help to ease my frustration by providing a bus, as I entered , the driver told me the price, it was too high for me, I tried negotiating but it was of no use, the driver was adamant, I had no choice than to play to his music, and deep within my heart, I was glad I finally got a bus.

A political kingpin was being buried so, we had a little difficulty in getting to our destination, everywhere you turned to signified that a man was being laid to rest. 

Finally, after some some minutes on the road, the bus got to where I was going and  I higlighted from the bus and had to wait for others to join me.

 It was a school owned by government, so I had to carefully observe the quality of amenities available to the staff and students, I was not too encouraged, it broke my heart a little, knowing fully well that my country is full of milk and honey, yet her citizens wine and dine in hardship, a fault we will attribute to the previous and present administrations of the state.

That did not deter me at all, we were here for serious business, and preparations began in earnest, I saw the eagerness of students to join, they wanted to see what we were about to offer. 

It was an outreach organized by PAL foundation to mark the Valentine season, love is a verb, thus requires actions, that was one of the ways we could show love to our immediate community.
Registration ongoing.

Registrations started and I was one of the people in charge, I was so glad to be in the midst of secondary school students, it brought back the sweet memories of my secondary school days, it made me remember my friends, I truly miss them.

The program started with various sessions aimed at sensitizing the students on various issues, the unexpected happened, due to some unexplainable reasons, I had forgotten that I was in charge of games and I forgot to take the materials along, all blames were about to be poured on me, I had to act fast , time was going, the time for games drew nearer, and I perfectly knew what that means. I knew that was a failure of duty on my side, I felt a deep sense of shame neglecting my duties, but I was so sure that something could be done.
I had to take responsibility.
I muttered some words of prayers to the Lord to help me, I  had to sit down and think, and also brainstorm with fellow volunteers. I was determined that the failure on my part will not mar the occasion, as the time for games drew nearer, I became more scared on what I had prepared. My main worry was that, will it work out?

Finally, I was introduced to the stage, I became a game master, I had never done it all through my life, I mounted the stage confidently, I was so sure the help of the Lord will come through. It was an awsome session with the students, they thoroughly enjoyed the moment, what was supposed to be a failure turned out to be a success. The students had much fun, from tongue twisters, to riddles, trivial questions, competitions and many more.
Smiles on the faces of the students

Putting smile on the faces of those children during the session gave a soothing sensation to my soul, I was more than happy. What sealed my joy was the commendation I got from the people I respect, that they loved the session, the children really had fun 
What made me acheive this? 
A resilient mind, even though I prayed, if I didn't have it, that would have been the end.

I had a mentality that saved me from the show of shame. I was determined to convert the failure to success.
The right mentality, it's the basic ingredient to success.
Even if you've been failing or you failed, your right approach with the right determination is what will determine if it'll eventually lead to success.
That's the secret, sometimes, things will not always go the way you want it, you've to be resilient to push forward and say no. It starts from the mind, most especially your thoughts . Your mentality should be able to turn things around. Any time you find yourself on the path of failure, disappointment, shame and any other unpalatable situation, be determined to bring an opportunity out of it.
Be determined!!!
Build a strong mentality
Say No to disappoinment, build success out of it.
It all starts from your mind, train your mind!!!

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