Short Story: Estranged( Episode 1)

It was all over" concluded Pat in his thoughts, his whole world had just crumbled, he was left all alone by himself, he had literarily become a shadow of himself, the future now looks bleak, suicidal thoughts were now gaining grounds, he lacked the courage to go ahead. He was left with only one option, a great decision to make, but will he be able to do so, will he return?

Pat grew up in a Christian family, he was the only child of the Stone's. He was all his parents had, the couple had tried to have other kids apart from Pat, but they would not just come, it got to a point that they totally gave up, they had to settle for Pat only, and all their entire love was showered on him, only him.

He was still battling with the decision to return, with hot tears on his cheeks not minding the people that surrounded him, he remembered while he was yet in his cradle days, his mum, Christy Stone had always reminded him of those moments, especially when Pat started his journey into depravity.

Pat would sit in between Christy and John (his Dad), and they'll tell him Bible stories, Pat's favorite then was the story of the Prodigal son, which he has eventually turned out to be one . Those days, after telling him about the stories, they would play him Biblical cartoons on the large television screen in their room, little Pat was always excited, it showed on his face, those smiles brought tremendous joy to the soul of Christy and John. They treated Pat as a special gift from God, so he got all the attention he needed.

But one day, Pat began to drift away, he started his journey into depravity. Money, fame, influence and popularity were all that the enemy needed to get him, that was the bait. Pat in his college days had started his romance with one of the deadliest confraternity in the neighborhood, called the Blacks. A group specialized in the trafficking of drugs.
They had money, fame, power and influence, and that was exactly what Pat wanted. Curt, his friend and a senior member of the gang had invited him. Pat wanted more than the solitary christian life his parents had taught him.

When Curt brought the idea to him, he liked it instantly, he had nursed that lust in his heart for long, but then, the teachings of his parents fought him, for many days, his heart was unsettled, he would go to classes thinking all about the idea, but at last his heart succumbed to the will of the enemy.
Due to the fact that he was far away from home, his parents would call him those moments and ask if all was well with him. Pat would always respond "all is well, I'm still on the path you showed me", What a big lie!
He did not want his parents to suspect anything, but that did not stop his parents from pressing him further, obviously they knew something was wrong with Pat, they just did not know what exactly it was, all they could was pray and they did pray.
Finally, after several days of deliberation in his mind, he decided to join the Blacks, his lust for power was gradually consuming him.
He was initiated, that made a beast out of him, it was a radical change, although the training was just meant for him to be an apprentice. As an apprentice, he could not participate in any of the operations, all he could do was watch them, it was a period of learning, and gradually his grades began to drop, one of the lecturers had called him to his office one day and said
"Pat, I know how you were when I first met you, there was something special about you, but now, everything seems to have changed, to worsen the whole issue, your grades are dropping, do you've a family issue or any other issue you're facing?"

Pat breathed heavily, obviously this was a chance for him to release the burden he has carried for days. Although, he liked his new gang, a deeper part of him knew danger was ahead.
The lecturer carefully examined him, he knew a lot was going on in the mind of Pat, but he kept his calm. As he was about to speak, he heard a knock on the door.
" Come in" The lecturer said

The person entered, apologized for disrupting their conversation. It was Ted, he had come to see him for counseling.

" You can hang around for some minutes, I'll see you when I'm done with Pat. "

That moment of break was a heavy relief for Pat, but then he was back again.
It was time to speak, but will he?