The Conversation Of Freshers That Repelled Cephas

The alarm sounded loud to my ears.
"Ding dong dang ding dong dang...." 
It went on and on like that, the sound was able to truncate the sweet sleep I was hoping would last forever.

I regained a little bit of consciousness, but the fatigue I was experiencing that time kept me on the bed. I rolled from one side of the bed to the other, enjoying the comforting effect of the bed.

Little did I know I was running late for the meeting scheduled earlier in the day for me. All that mattered was my sleep. It was so obvious that my body needed it, my health first before any other thing.

After few minutes of stubbornness against the sound of the alarm, I decided to check the time, and that was it. I had to stand up.

I grumbled and grumbled, and there was nothing my grumbling could do.
I did some cleanup, rushed out of the house in haste, I did not really have much on me so I had to trek some few minutes before I got to the campus.

I walked as fast as my legs could carry me, it was only my fast legs that would save me from being late. By the way, the sun did not spare me, she was in her full brightness, radiating in the glory the Creator has given her.

To my surprise, I met some of my old friends on the way, to some extent, we were a bit close in our freshman year, but then after that year, we all scattered due to academic work. 
I was elated to see them, it was nice connecting with them once again, the joy of meeting old friends is just so fantastic, I had lost their contacts due to the fact that I changed my phone, and I couldn't reach out to them again,  and I did not know the exact location of their hostel. 

As we were exchanging pleasantries, something kept on ringing in my head, "if you stay for more than a minute here, you would be late and face the punishment."

I had to abruptly end it, got their contacts and quickly moved on with my journey, although it was not an easy decision. How can I see my old time friends and leave them in a matter of seconds. So sad, but I did not have a choice.

I was looking at the venue from afar, I was almost there in due time when I stumbled upon the company of freshers, they were having a heated discussion and out of my curiosity, I wanted to know what they were discussing.
From the way they looked and the way they were shouting, it was obvious they were in their first year. Even though I was running late, I had to slow down to hear little out of their discussion.

A little of what I heard from their conversation downed my spirit, I was more than surprised.
 Who on earth still thinks that way about himself?
 It was just too much for me to hear, I would have interrupted them and given them a piece of advice, but I knew it would really take me much time to do that, moreover I wasn't ready for punishment that awaits latecomers in the meeting.

Their conversation heavily repelled me at first, but I still wanted to reach out but time was not on my side, it was like a strong odour to my nose. I just had to quickly move past them to my meeting.

They were in a deep argument about their final year results in their various secondary schools, they were carefully analyzing their performances, from the way they talked, they really did not do too well, but that's not my problem, the problem was that they were celebrating failure.
 They seemed to be so convenient with their performances, they thought that was their own best. They were happy over mere passes, from what I gathered from their discussion also, they barely read and study.

One of them even made a derogatory statement concerning himself.

"If I had gotten more than those grades in the exams, even my parents would reject it because they know I don't study"

He had completed relegated himself to failure. Not even a word of remorse was evident on their lips, they were not ready to change, excellence was far from their mindset. They were comfortable with averages and failures.
Oh, what a shame!!!
And that's what I see everytime I move out with people, the unprofitable mentality.
You're a result of what you think and do.
How do you see yourself?
Failure or Success?
You've those two options, pick any.
Think straight.
Even if you're failing today, build your consciousness with the possibility of success.
You can achieve success if only you'll press more.
Don't be convenient with that average or failure.
Fight it from your mindset.
Build a formidable mentality against failure.

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