The Woman

The day I was formed, I never knew. I suddenly came to myself. It looked as though I had appeared from another planet, but all the same, I was sourced from the earth. I looked around, it all looked strange, it was a new habitat, I was left puzzled, but not for long did the puzzle last, I was taken out of him.
 The Owner had made him go through anaesthesia, he was still unconscious, The Owner had perfomed a surgery on him outside the theatre, it was in the garden. I was the result of the surgery. 

Sparkling in glory, dripping with excellence, I looked at myself, I was like no other. I looked at him, still unconscious and deep in sleep as a result of the surgery, my heart jumped out to meet his, though he couldn't feel it, was this normal? I was new to the earth.

 The Owner tapped him to wake up, he staggered to stand up from sleep, interestingly the marks of the surgery was no longer there, he was completely healed, The Owner did a perfect job.

His first sight of me got him confused, he must have had some conflicting interests in his heart. Questions from his mind must be hitting hard at him like, where did I come from? How come she's in my image and likeness? How come she is a bit different from me? But then, our eyes met, he could not resist the drawing power I possessed, I too was just realizing it, he kept on staring, was he seeing an alien? Obviously, I was not an alien.
The owner had to step in, He saw the drama, He wanted to explain things to him, I also needed an explanation, I had to keep my calm and wait.

The owner took us to a big tree, enough to provide a shade for us, it was time for a serious conversation, we both needed an explanation, during the transit, I saw his friends, it was written on their faces, they had missed him for the little moment he spent away from them, they all looked different from the both of us, a sense of pity rushed through my mind. How was he surviving in the midst of these friends? He was alone, yes, he was!!!
But then, I was happy, I was glad that the Owner had brought me out, all I wanted was to help him out of loneliness, I wanted to be his partner, after all my heart was already with him. I am the solution to his problem.

At that moment, all I wanted was to be with him, but does he want me? From the look on his eyes when he saw me, I was sure he wanted me to be his partner.
What will the owner say?
Will he separate us?
Do I have another assignment elsewhere?
But then, I was hopeful that the Owner will do my bidding and make us partners
That was my heart cry.

Alas, we got to the big tree, near the center of the garden, the Owner was ready to speak, but I looked at him, wondering what was going through his mind? Was he thinking what was also running through my mind? But I knew that the Owner has the final decision. We both waited for the Owner's decision.

But before the Owner could speak, he voiced out, that was the first time I would hear his voice, he had come into the realization that I was part of him, he shouted at the top of his voice but the Owner calmed him down.

I was glad when he realized that I was part of him, I did not show my excitement, I did not want to look cheap .

The Owner made the pronouncement, and handed me over to him, that was the greatest moment, I am his helper. The Owner had said, I would help him fulfil the Owner's mandate.

What's the mandate?
To be fruitful.
To subdue.
To multiply.
Anything short of this is a failure.
I was sent to the earth to make a change.
I'm not ordinary.
It took the Owner a special time to create me.
I won't leave this earth without making a change.

I am a woman

Happy International Women's day