The Bachelors: Cooking Went Wrong

I am a man, a proud bachelor for that matter, no lady can come and do shakara for me, I sabi cook.

I had always taken pride in my extraordinary cooking skills, it's a sign that momma taught me well. While I lived with mum before gaining admission into the university, it was a crime for me to be playing around, while she's in the kitchen.

I was the assistant chef in the house. And before I gained admission, I was already a demigod in the kitchen, I had mastered and perfected all the required cooking skills.

So, I had these three female neighbors as friends and interestingly I was a bit close to the three of them.

When we discussed about cooking and all other things related it, I was usually the champion of such discussions, I would boast about my unparalleled cooking skills and challenge them to a cooking competition, that sounded really crazy 🤪, they rejected the idea.

No lady would actually dare such a competition with me, with the daily aroma that came from my room except on days while fasting or I was not around. They were not so sure of the outcome. Losing the competition will be tantamount to shame.

Something added fuel to my pride, one of them actually came to me in secret, to acknowledge my cooking skills and showed interest that she would love to have a taste of my food.

So one day, in the midst of her friends, Enu requested that she would like to eat my delicious delicacy, I had already told them I was preparing semovita(,a popular Nigerian staple food,) for that evening.

And then that was it, it was time to finalize the whole stuff.
It was time to prove my real worth.

For showoff, I asked the other two if they would also partake of the meal,  "we are not interested" they said, probably due to jealousy.

Evening came and I got everything ready. I was like a soldier in the kitchen, obviously I was.
 I obeyed all the rules of the kitchen that momma taught me. Who wants to disappoint on a day like this? obviously no one!

So the cooking started, I used most of my expensive natural ingredients, I was determined to cook to kill, in less than twenty minutes, the soup was ready.

There was no need to announce that the soup was ready, the aroma did justice to do that.
The two ladies shouted from outside "Can we also eat? " 
"No" , I sharply replied.😜

I felt they were too arrogant and decided not to give them out of the food.
 I put the water for semovita on fire, and came out to have a little gist with the three of them.😘

Obviously, Enu was already salivating, she could not wait to see the food and taste it, she paced up and down.
If you did not perceive the aroma, you can't fully understand what I'm trying to explain here.

I went back to the kitchen only to discover that the water in the pot was already boiling, it was time to prepare the semovita, the easiest part of the work for me, no cause for the alarm of lumps, I had carefully mastered how to prepare semovita without lumps.

I finished the first round of turning, I shouted at the top of my voice from the kitchen.
"Enu, how do you want the texture of the Semovita?"

"Very soft" she replied with a very thin voice.

I had to make a little adjustment, and I added more water to the Semovita on fire, little did I know that the amount of water poured was too much .

I settled down to do the second round of turnings when I realized that the water was much, at first I thought I could manage it that way, but then the damage was done, it had become too soft, and separated into big lumps that could not join together smoothly. I could not even explain how it happened.
The enemy had decided to shame me and  I did all I could to revert it, but it wasn't working.

At that time, I became humble, the excitement vanished from my eyes, with much humility and shame, I had no choice but to put before Enu, a wonderful soup but a semovita with much lumps.
Cooking totally went wrong. My pride was gone.

I patiently waited for her reaction, thinking she would not eat the food, to my surprise she did.
"It's not that bad" she said.

 Her friends were also there, they stylishly mocked me, I bowed my head in shame and went inside to eat the rest of my food .

I came out after eating to get some fresh air outside, only to discover that they were gossipping about the food I prepared.

What were the ladies discussing? What did they say?
I prefer not to say it😂

What do you think they were saying?
Drop it in the comments box.

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