The Lamentations of The Colt's Mother

We were always there. Everyone knew us, we were even used to describe that particular area in the town. Hardly will anyone pass the spot and not know that we were there.

We actually knew we were there for something, I and My Son had waited for too long that we thought all hope was lost. Little did I know that we were only being prepared for that great day.
I had to console my little son all the day, that our purpose will not be missed. It was usually a sad moment for the two of us when we see others like us doing well, while we were not free, we were restricted, 

"What punishment on earth is greater than this?"  We thought!

Our hope was not in vain, help was fast approaching and we did not know. On this fateful day, we saw two men approach us, we didn't pay much attention to them, until they got closer to us and decided to free us.

We cried out in anger, we were just about to be kidnapped and we were no match for their strength. They were stopped by passers-by who challenged them, but they replied sharply, "The Master Needs Them"
Immediately, they said no more words and we were left to the mercy of the two men.

We were greatly bewildered, "Who's the Master? Obviously, He's not our master that we know, so what does He want from Us?" Many questions like this filled our hearts, I had to be strong and quickly console my son who was at this time already sobbing. "All will be well" I told him.

On our way, we overheard them, from there we got to know that it was the Great Master who sent for us.

"How on earth did He know we were there?" Obviously, it was by His great wisdom. Immediately we saw him, we recognized Him as the Great Master and we paid obeisance to him.

It was such an honor meeting him for the first time, we've heard several things about him, His fame was all through the earth, who would not want to meet an important dignitary like the Great Master?

Immediately, we were both decorated, my son was to transport the Great Master into the great city. What a great honor!

The sad thing was that I was not considered by the Master, although I was also decorated and celebrated. I was envious of my only son. What a shame!

He was more recognized during the journey than I was. I was older than him, I had all the experience but the Great Master still chose him, "He has no experience" I protested in my heart.

The Lamentations grew steadily in my heart.

As we proceeded with the journey, with shouts of praise being rained on the Great Master, I realized that I was not too fit for the master, my strength was failing me, if the Great Master had chosen me, I would have disappointed him.

My Son was chosen, I gave birth to him,that was my role, nothing more than that.

I was not assigned to transport the Great Master, because that's how it has been written. I had fulfilled my role, he was left to fulfil his. 

Happy Palm Sunday To All Christians reading this .

Obviously, this is the story of the grand entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem and the colt that He rode on. What a lesson learnt by the mother of the colt .

Dear reader,
You're not fit for every assignment, it's not everything you can do, if you wish to do everything, you'll only sink in deep regrets and frustration, nothing more .
You've only been assigned to do some things, not everything.
Learn to respect the principle of choice.
That someone was chosen over you does not mean he/she was better.
That colt's mother had a role, just to give birth to the colt that Jesus would ride on , that's all.
Likewise you, you've a role, that role is unique and peculiar. 
Envy, bitterness and jealousy will leave you, only if you'll learn this.
We've all been sent to accomplish something, please go ahead and accomplish that thing, not the unnecessary stuffs.
Let me end with this,
Do you even know your role on earth?
Enjoy the Easter Celebrations