The Bible Is Not Nigeria's Constitution: Exlusive Interview With Akinyemi Oluwabusolami

Can we meet you? 
My name is Akinyemi Oluwabusola Queen. I'm an Undergraduate of the department of Common law, Faculty of Law, University of Ilorin. I'm in my fourth year (in view). I don't know if I'm an extrovert introvert or Ambivert but I know I can be very playful with my brethren😂.
I love to sing too, it's an hobby, not like I can sing 😂.I write Stories too. I've not done that in a while though I hope to start soon.
I love to learn about the ways of Jesus and my ambition in life is to look exactly like Him. I think that's all I can say about myself briefly😁.

Why Law?
Who inspired you to study law?
Well, on this I'd just say the Lord ordered my steps😂. Because really, I don't know why I picked the course, if you asked me then, I'd give you a lot of reasons but now I know my steps were truly ordered. At that time I was to pick my choice course, my desire was to study English Literature because I'm a writer even though I've not done that in a while. Then when I was asked why I wanted to study English, I couldn't find any reasonable thing to say😂. My parents convinced and persuaded me to study law. I was convinced, so I put in for law. And sincerely, I don't regret, apart from the fact that I love my course, I'm grateful for the people I've met with these past four years & the experiences.
So there was really nothing spectacular that made me study law.

From creditable sources, we discovered that you've a strong belief in the personality of God
Did any special moment lead to this?

 Yessssssss😁. I got born again on the 14th Of October 2014. I was just 12 then. But I love to say that the Holy Ghost has been following me since I was a child😂😂. I had gone out for altar calls twice before. Once when I was 8 and also when I was 10. But then I didn't have any close follow up sooo I just forgot about the experience soon. I grew up in an environment where the teaching of morals were strong, so to everyone everywhere I was a "good girl" but really that cannot change the state of a man in the spirit. If you're a dead man you're a dead man, morals can't make you alive unto God.
So I was like that but no relationship with God, I was very active in church too.
A friend borrowed me a Christian Movie "Holiday in Hell" by Ore-Ofe Williams. It was about a teenager who lived his life anyhow and ended up in Hell. 
Then I had this conviction in my heart, the Holy Spirit started to convict me, that my righteousness cannot save me and if I die, I'd end up like that boy. So after the movie, I started crying and I asked God to save me, that I wanted to live for Him, truly serve Him & know Him for myself.
My life changed that instant! Right from there I knew something had become different about me, this joy flooded my heart. I began the journey😁. I began as a naive little girl😂, no follow up or anything but The Holy Spirit led me even though I was a baby. From there I joined Scripture Union (I'm still a member though,just not as active as before) and till now, the Lord is faithful. I've not reached perfection yet, the journey is far but I am grateful to Jesus for how far He has brought me and I know He'll bring His work within me to perfection as He promised in Phillipians 1:6, till I look exactly like Him😁.

What's that thing you have always wished for?
One thing I've always wished or desired for myself is that I look like exactly like Jesus, I want to be holy and blameless before Him and like He said in His word,With Him nothing is impossible.

Can you share your thoughts on mentorship?
Do you've mentors?
 Yes. My parents in the Lord, Pastor Tosin & Precious Gabriel.
You need mentorship to grow and when I mean growth, I mean spiritual growth. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's bad to grow in business or anything but your life in the natural is tied to your Spiritual growth. If you can grow spiritually, every other thing will naturally flow forth. Matt 6:33 explains that.

Can you share with us one of your most challenging moments?
How did you overcome it?
 As a Christian, you're a solider , 2 Timothy 2 says that, so challenges are inevitable.
But the most challenging moment of my life so far that I can remember is the time I almost lost my admission due to some irregularities on my portal. The devil really against my admission and he fought it. It's a really long story but then I remember that what gave me the breakthrough even before the error was corrected was a meeting I attended. It was a CLASFON (Christian Law Students Fellowship of Nigeria) prayer meeting. It was during the word, I can't remember the particular details of the message but then I know that the preacher said something about Jesus coming to heal hearts that day. I was really frustrated at that time, I had given up, I just wanted to go back home, I was very naive and young too, so emotionally and physically, it was a weight for me. But after the meeting, my joy came back and just a few days after, the issue was resolved😂.
One thing I'd say is, No matter what you're going through, Jesus loves you and The Holy Spirit will never leave you! He'll always be there to encourage if only you won't lose touch with Him.

What's that thing you'll always appreciate God for?
 I'll be eternally grateful to Jesus for the opportunity to know the very purpose & intent of God for me.
It's really something I don't take for granted, because I'm really young. I really thank Him for showing me mercy.

What's your take on the current issues of domestic violence on Osinachi and all other issues surrounding her death?
 If I had my way, I'd dodge this question. But then, I'd just say that no matter what happens or what people are saying on social media, People still have successful Marriages that have lasted for as long as fifty years.
That's all I can say.

Would you recommend a divorce?
 Like One of my brothers said, the bible is not Nigeria's constitution, so it is not subject to change by anyone.
God hates divorce and He's against it no matter what happens. It is never an option.
As a single, instead of shouting divorce everywhere. It's best you know God for yourself and trust Him on this issue of marriage so you don't fall into error.

What's your take on the current Judicial system in Nigeria?
Nigeria's Judicial system is a beautiful one, although not without flaws here and there. It can only get better and in the next few years, I see a system where the courts completely become a hope of the common man.
Actually, righteousness exalts a nation,sin is a reproach to it. When righteousness begins to prospers in the land, the nation will be free from it's shortcomings. By then I doubt there'd be a need for courts,😂, because every man would be at peace with each other.

Are you willing to practice as a lawyer or take other routes like Funke Akindele Bello(Jennifer)
 Sincerely,I don't know😂The Lord has not spoken to me on that yet.

Are you willing to stay in Nigeria and practice,?
 If the Lord would have me stay, no wahala😁😂
I love my country either ways.

What do you've to say to those reading this?
God is not a tyrant like the world is making you see Him🌚 and there's no other way to get to Him apart from Jesus, don't let anybody deceive you. He's a Good Father. You just have to see Him from the lens of His word😊.(stop seeing God from the lens of social media, you can't know Him that way) under the tutoring of the Holy Ghost of course