Men Are Dying: Help Save Them!

Another amazing time with Cephas. Here's an adventure that ended with a tone of activism.
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Lazily, I dragged my feet to church that evening.
Laziness was getting the better part of me, but then, I had no choice than to go.
What on earth would have stopped me from going to Church except laziness.

The service was centered on relationships, and I was not in anyway ready for one, even though times and seasons are fast changing now.
Kingdom relationship it is! Even if I'm not ready to pick a wife now, I'll eventually pick one in the years to come, maybe it's even in this decade. Who knows?
She can appear at any time, so I would be needing a part of that sermon to recognize her. 
Cephas! Wake up, your discernment needs to be sharp. She may be right beside you 😂
Do you agree with me?

However, for now, I don't know her.

In as much as I was enthusiastic about hearing the sermon on relationships, my laziness that evening ensured I got to church a bit late. Poor me!

I sat quietly at the overflow. The sermon had begun, so I had to catch up.
I carefully consumed the words coming from the altar, it was as though the Pastor was speaking to me. No doubts, I was enjoying the sermon but in the middle,

I got an heartache.

The Pastor switched to the issue of domestic violence in courtship or marriage.

Of course, there were no visible reactions when he talked about domestic violence against women except that of empathy from both genders.

But then, it was as though hell was let loose when he talked about domestic violence against men.
Laughter rose like incense to the atmosphere. It was pure mockery!
Is it that people don't expect to hear that a man can be abused?

And that's exactly where I got my heartache.

In a bid to acheive gender equity, I found out that the male gender is being marginalized.

How can we live in a society where men are expected to stay strong even in the midst of storms. Some would even consider it wrong for a man tot cry . That's cruel!

Men are also humans

The male gender is dying and no one seems to be talking about it.

How on earth did we get here? I just can't fathom it.

Do you think a man can not be abused by his partner? Of course, it's possible! It happens, I mean several of it, it's just most cases are not reported, because of how the society will react.

Have we not heard of rape cases against men?
When a lady alleges that she was raped by a man, it's quickly assumed that the lady is right even without proper investigation.Many quickly take sides with the lady in question. How come? Is that equity?

Have you not heard that women also rape men? That may sound strange to your hearing, because the cases are not usually reported. This crime is usually committed by a gang of women. 
A man can be stimulated against his will. Erection and ejaculation does not mean approval. If he can be overpowered, then that's the end.

Some months ago, a trending video showed how a lady has been consistently harassing men in a train, all she does is just sit on their laps and seduce them and then the men will chase her away.

If a man dare do that, hell will let loose.

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What about young boys that have been raped by adults? I was reading a piece where I got to know that many of them don't even know they were raped until they were matured enough to know what transpired in their childhood days.

Save the young man! He's dying.

Even at home, the male gender is usually neglected when it comes to home training especially in some African cultures. They pay more attention to the girl child so that she can represent the family well at her husband's house.

Many males don't know how to cook, whereas females are being compelled to know how to cook. If a man does not know how to cook, the society does not have issue with that, but if it's a female, then there is problem.

This may look like an advantage to the male gender, but No! It isn't.

No wonder many males are deficient in the knowledge of values at home.

Why won't they end up as wife beaters? When they were not properly trained.

Only few families have been able to acheive this balance.

Many are dedicated to the training of the girl child, but who's paying attention to the male gender?

Who did this to us?

The male child is dying!

When it comes to divorce? Who bears the brunt financially? It's the male!
Yet everyone is silent on it.

The man is dying!

When it comes to opportunities and scholarships, we've many of them solely meant for the female gender.
But do we have opportunities like that for the males?
If there is, then it'll be few.

Before I round up, hear what Bamisaye Mercy has to say. She's a lady, a great fan of this blog and a friend of mine.

"kwụsị ya! Men don't cry, it shouldn't be heard outside, don't disgrace manhood" This statement is more of a prison that the society has patronized to psychologically box the male gender.

In a bid to "man up", men are occasionally pressured to keep mute about issues eating them up. 

The society has done more harm by assigning stereotypical roles to demoralize the esteem of both genders, but let's capitalize a little on the male gender, because this subject is often ignored.

Society has moulded a world where it's rather comfortable for women to speak up about violence while it's quite weird and unbelievable to hear the male victims speak.
But who is the society? Of course we are! and when want a different narrative, it should start from us. 

It's high time we established that it is totally okay for men to be vulnerable, to speak up about being victims of certain violence, to take time to heal and be allowed to cry, to be seen as an human and not "supermen" as portrayed by culture.

Cheers to a fair system of people with impressive regards for both genders.

Note: "kwụsị ya" is an Igbo word that means "stop it"

You've seen her submission. Beautiful and brilliant.

I know, in the past especially in the African culture, the female gender was badly sidelined, but in a bid to correct that error, we should not fall into that same error.

The man is dying? Who will save him?

You and I.

And that'll be a wrap on this episode of Adventures with Cephas.

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