The Devil's Visitation

It was a great time at church. Perfect evening service to wrap up a stressful day 
After a tiring day's work, the best place to get refreshed will always be in His ever beautiful Presence.

No wonder, the Psalmist said, In the Presence of God, there's fullness of joy!

Oh! Such a wonderful experience.
It was intercession for the nation, so we had a lot of the devil's work to destroy. We've been doing that for days now, I just can't imagine how angry the devil is, currently.

 Probably, fire will be oozing out of his nose, mouth and eyes. His kingdom has been severely damaged in the nation.

Sure! He would want to retaliate, he can't just watch us destroy him without him pulling some strings to rebel. The proof that we actually touched him is that he comes in his full wrath against us.

However, I never knew satan would have the audacity to visit me even when I just finished releasing sulfuric tongues as incense to heaven.

Should I be surprised? No!

Even Jesus, the Master was visited immediately after forty days dry fasting, Satan did not even respect his personality and that of his spiritual engagements, soooo who am I? He'll definitely not spare me.

He came even before I got home. I could feel his voice strongly in my ears. It was deafening!

I doubt if he delegated this task to a demon, I think he came all by himself. He was determined to lay hold of me.

It was a great battle that lasted up to an hour if not more. 

Definitely, you won't expect the devil to show up as a black man with two horns as in horror movies, he's far more wiser than that.
And who even told you that the devil is black and that he has two horns?

You may be shocked if you're privileged to see how the devil actually looks like.

That old serpent full of wrath against man and with subtle corrupted wisdom.

Back to my story..

In similitude of Jesus temptation, the battle was that of the mind! It was a contention for my soul.
Hope you know that Jesus temptation actually happened in his mind? Jesus advantage was that he was able to quickly recognize that it was the devil speaking and that He himself is the Word!

You know, there's a way the devil speaks to your mind, that you'll think you're the one thinking those thoughts. No, you're not! He's only trying to take advantage of your ignorance. When next a thought strays into your heart to do wrong, just know that it's the devil speaking to your mind.

As at that time, I had pressing needs, I needed cash urgently and it looked as if God was not answering my prayers. And that was the gate for the devil's entrance. 

He wanted to take advantage of my desperation and frustration. He was accusing God to me. He was trying to make it look as if God's not good.

But on that one, he met a dead end. I've been schooled long enough to know that my experiences are too minute to describe the personality of God, I also know that if things don't work out, it's always my fault and never God's fault.

So, when he realized that that attempt was unsuccessful, he went ahead to perform another enterprise of his accusations.

And this time around it worked!

Oh! What a pity, I should have stopped him from going further but I was too emotional.

What was he doing?

He started accusing a lot of people to me.

He went into detailed history of why I need to hate some people probably because they've treated me badly or they were unfair and how they've cheated me sometimes ago.

The devil's memory is sharp

Infact, he got to some of my friends, the list was getting longer and longer.

Maybe some of you reading this, your name was also mentioned.

He made me see reasons why I ought to be bitter, he gave me ideas on how I can be wicked yet be a Christian.

He told me I've been too nice and I should stop my good works.

Actually, the reasons he gave were true, very true, unfortunately for him, they were not the truth.

That it is true does not mean it is the truth.

I had all the reasons on the earth to be angry and he provided them to the best of my knowledge.

He kept on going and going.

I was falling for each one of them.

Bitterness was almost at it's climax.

It was looking as if the enemy had successfully performed his enterprise.

The devil must have been smiling because I was already on the path of depression, I just wanted to be left all alone.

Light shone!

The ministry of the Holy Spirit was at work, just a sentence from Him gave me victory.

That sentence shattered all the foundations of bitterness and hatred that has been built in my heart by the enemy!

Immediately, my joy returned.

Obviously, it was another defeat for the devil. He bowed his head in shame.

Dear reader, the devil will also come for you too one day, it's certain.

He may come in several ways.

But know that the main battle ground is in your mind. If you can win in the your mind, then that's the end of that battle. All others will eventually bow with time.

Guard your heart with the word of faith!

Till Cephas comes your way again, Au revoir 👋