How Africa Will Be Made


When you come across the word, AFRICA, what comes to your mind?
I've a little story to tell you. Africa was made for something and from something.

It was a cold morning on Saturday. I struggled with the daring hooks of laziness, it was time to set out to go to work, but the hooks of laziness would not let me go.

Although, I already secured a permission from my boss to stay at home, but a concept in my mind fired me up to make that decision to go to work even when I had been permitted to stay away. 

That concept was like a jet fuel.

I had it already in my mind, clearly designed, but laziness remained my greatest challenge.

To make matters worse, I dreaded the cold of the of the water. It was freezingly cold outside.

All things seemed to be working against this concept in my mind, but I was determined to go all out for it.

Just like I had this concept in my mind, God had this strong desire to create a continent called Africa.

Are you still there?

The Sun eventually came in it's ever bright glory, her warmth shook me off the bed.
Yes! The energy came! 

I geared out of the house to the creative hub to have this concept created.

I wanted to see the dream of that concept live. At that point, nothing else mattered. 

When the Creator was about to make a place called Africa, nothing else mattered. 

Just like I was excited to create this new design, the Creator was also excited about creating a place called Africa. 

Just as I was filled with so much energy, the Creator had endless energy flowing through HIM that day. 
Are you still there?

I got to the creative hub only to remember that I had insufficient materials, they were just about to finish.

I had just entered a dilemma, I had the option of leaving in dejection or staying to complete it with the meagre resources left.

I wanted to gift this design to a lady.
Before your mind travels far, she's not the madame right. She's far older than me and to further justify my cause, she's taken.

The only thing that made me to stay was because of her.

The desire to give her this design as a gift pushed me to start out even when it seemed like an impossible task. What a desperation!

God was desperate while He created Africa, because HE wanted Africa to be a gift to the world. Africa was destined to be a sufficient blessing and not a curse.

Don't go yet, I haven't finished my story. There's more to unfold from this story.

What was the concept in my head?
African design of an Ankara earring.

After much struggles, I birthed the design, I had to make use of lots of improvisements.

It came out as beautiful as I could ever imagine.

My Ankara design earring was born. 

It's birthing looked like a baby in my abdomen that required much labour pangs to be birthed.

And after making it, I remembered the current struggles of Africa 


I whisper this in the corner of my room
I shout this on the mountain top,

Your birthing is near.
Though, it requires much struggles.
It looked as if you're being weighed down by poverty, endemics, corruption, war, famine and lots more. 
Yet, I believe You're blessed.
You're a gift to the nations.

All other continents will soon come to the brightness of your rising.

Your day to shine has come.

Your seeds are about to take over, all of every spheres of the universe.

The only hindrance to that manifestation is TIME.


But it'll require more of labours.

Dear Africans,

Are you labouring for the greatness of AFRICA?

When will you contribute your own quota to her growth?