Cephas saw Shégè

Oh No!
Not again!
ASUU resumed????
Going back to that same old boring routine was scary for me.
After 8 months of compulsory holiday, an holiday that we thought would end soon but eventually took us more than half of a year.

And the implication: Cephas does not have a choice but to return to those big books again. Oh, what a pity!

By the way, it was  time to abandon some stuffs again.

The thought of writing some pending exams brought tears to my face, where will I start from? 

However, it was time to prepare again for them.
"Cephas, you've to begin again!" was the consistent echo ringing in my ears 

On that fateful day, we were called for a meeting and right there, the day for the our next exam was announced.

Whaaaattt! I have just two weeks to prepare. 

My heart raced from Lagos to Abuja in seconds. 

My seriousness returned in a matter of seconds, I became lighter and it's as though I should start devouring Sembu(a short name for one of our physiology textbooks).
I remember, that very day, I had to go to the college common room immediately. I had to borrow a friend's textbook to read.

And the journey began.
With fourteen days to the exam, a scheduled village outreach took about 3 days, my sister's wedding took about 2 days and then a mild sickness sucked about two days.

I knew writing that exam at that scheduled day might end up as a fatal failure for me.
I had to lift up my voice to the Father,
Lo and Behold, two days to the exams, the exam was postponed by a week.

I had to restrategize and this was where the shégè began.
I had to cram a lot within a limited period of time.
Everything had to shut down, for those periods,I looked very unkept.
While walking on the road, my heart was far in meditation on how I would pass the exam.
Night class became a constant thing, I had to consistently sleep on wooden benches and most times, I woke up with a terrible body ache.
I hated marathon reading, but on this, I gat no choice!

I was in church, yet I could not comprehend the words of the pastor. My heart had stayed a thousand miles, thinking of the things yet to be covered..

I became lean and had swollen eyes consistently. It looked as if I was always sick. 

All because I didn't prepare well during the strike.

I kept on procrastinating my reading until ASUU decided to call off strike.

I saw the shégè of stress.

Finally, we did the exam and shégè was successfully dismantled.

However, I've not recovered from the shégè of stress. 

And from it, I learnt a lesson 
Early preparations really matter.

Rushing to finish when you could have started earlier will only drain your energy.
Begin now!..
Start now!
Time will not always procrastinate.

To avoid shégè, begin now!