I Believe In Change Through Words- Ogunkola Ifeoluwa

Can we meet you?

My name is Ogunkola Ifeoluwa Esther, I am a content creator, an Event Host, a Public Speaker, a SRHR enthusiast and a global Volunteer.
The word"Impact"excites me and I believe in change through words.

Let's begin from here.
Why LAUTECH and Why Physiology?

Well, I have met inspiring and successful people and in my researches, Sometimes your environment defines you.
Well, I have met inspiring and successful people and in my researches, sometimes your environment defines you. 
I know Lautech is the home of winners, the school is known to breed Victors, Trailblazers and people who are thriving in all spheres of life. I wanted to be in a school where I would have access to education beyond the classroom.

Well, I chose medicine but due to factors, I was offered Physiology

You recently emerged as the winner of the just concluded SUG debate in LAUTECH.
What's the secret? How did you do it?

The biggest secret is God.
I would say the grace of God sustained us throughout the event. Also, The synergy between my partner and I have us the opportunity to work together to yield positive results. I would also say that I banked on my past experiences of public speaking to win this competition.

Lastly, We were Prepared for the worst. Our preparedness have us a edge over other contestants especially during the impromptu speech.

 Briefly, can you share with us how you discovered yourself in the area of pubic speaking and event hosting?
What did you do to improve on yourself after the discovery? 

Well, I discovered that I liked to communicate with people and I found relating with people more fun. So, I knew I was a born public speaker but I wasn't enough. I bought few courses, I read books, I did more of social media reading and I worked on my personal development. I also took every competition that came my way as a challenge to grow better.

What's your take on mentorship. Can you share with us the name of some of your mentors? 
 Mentorship is very important, everyone need a right guide, emphasis on "Right".
Yeah, I have mentors. Dr Costly Aderibigbe Saba is one of them, Mr Sam Abimbade, Mr Promise Selorm amidst others.

Do you believe in this popular slang that says, "School is a scam".
No, I don't.

Now, what do you think has been the most challenging moment of your life? 
Well, I think it was when I had to make a transfer from a private school to a public school in SS 1 because of financial constraints.

I overcame it by accepting the situation and I adapted. Today, it turned a blessing.

You're an African lady, most likely you'll marry an African man😂
What's your take on cooking and housechores?
Well, I love cooking but as a mordern woman, I would outsource as long as it doesn't affect my family.

And now to politics?

Are you also an OBI-dient?

If Yes, why? 

I am still indecisive because We are In a delimna. The situation illustrates that we have to choose between 3 devils.
Who then is the lesser devil?

As someone who has interest in ensuring that Female Genital Mutilation comes to an end in Africa, what do you've to say to our readers?

Well, I would like to say that FGM is a barbaric act and it is violation of the fundamental human right of the girl child.

It is lethal and it's one if the harmful traditional practices that needs to be eradicated.

Apart from the serious Ifeoluwa that we know.
What do you do to have fun?
Do you watch football 🌚?

😂😂, I don't watch football.

I talk ooo😂😂😂.

What will be your golden advice to our readers? 
As long as you are determined and focused, your goals are just a glance away.

We're glad to have you, Ifeoluwa
Thank you for honoring our invitation.