How To Make The Best Use Of Social Media

Aminu, a final year student in a Nigerian university was just released from the confines of the DSS, he got into cheap trouble, all because of social media.

Aminu had earlier posted a tweet about the Nigeria's First Lady, Mrs. Aisha Buhari.

Written in Hausa, but translated to English, Aminu said. 
"Mama has eaten the poor people's  money and she's now big"
Attached with the tweet was an old picture of Aisha and a recent picture. 

Obviously, she has added weight. 

That single tweet  landed Aminu in prison for days. Reports had it, that he was severely  tortured. 

A tweet, probably posted  in the corner of his room got him into a big trouble, bigger than himself.

Social media catapulted Aminu into prison, but do you know that social media can at the same time catapult you into greatness? 

Many are they that use social media, but few are they that make money from it.. 

Social media may not have sent you to prison, but it has somewhat put you in a time prison, especially if you're addicted to it. 

Spending so much time on social media without nothing to show for it is a subtle malady that needs to exposed in our generation, most especially the Gen Z. 

However, how do you make good use of social media?  How does it profit you?  You may not necessarily make money from it, but you can acheive something with it that's greater than money. 

Agreed? Shall we go on this journey together? 

1. Follow who know road. (Follow the right people on social media).
As simple as this rule is, if you don't follow it, you're on social media just to catch cruise. 
At a time, I had to review my connections and the people I followed on social media, and that was how I was able to curate my feed. 
Follow pages and accounts that will enhance your growth and development in the things that you.
For example, on Facebook one person I love to read her posts is, Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze. You just need to check her out. She talks about marketing, business, general growth tips and many others. 
Am I trying to say that you shouldn't catch fun on social media, No! But it should be minimal. 
Follow accounts that will edify you. 
One of the things that I expect you to do after you finish reading this, is to go through your social media accounts and do thorough weeding. Remove connections, unfollow accounts that does not benefit you. Okayyy??

2. Choose the best social media platform that best suits you.
One of the questions you should ask is, why am I on social media? 
That will give direction to the best platform of your taste.
As popular as twitter is, I don't use it. I have an account, yet it's dormant and it has been long abandoned. Am I looking forward to getting back on Twitter again? Yes, but for political matters. 
I go on LinkedIn to connect with professionals, and build my personal brand too. I'm on LinkedIn to shout about what I do. O My!!  LinkedIn has so much blessed me with some important connections. Also,  If I need motivation, I go to LinkedIn straightaway!  Yes, I write contents too and LinkedIn me got me my first writing job.
For Facebook, I use facebook to improve my writing skills. I read a whole lot of articles on blogs, news outlets on facebook. Today, this piece you're reading is an evidence that my writing has improved. 
Facebook is also helping me to know something about everything. I look forward to becoming a political analyst, public commentator in the years to come, so I need to be grounded in history, faith, technology, politics (both local and international)  and many more. 

I just gave you an hint, of how I use some media platforms for my growth. Your goal on social media will determine the platform that suits you. 

3. Limit your time on social media. 
No matter how sweet social media is, spend less time on it.
Set restrictions, set data limits. Too much of everything is always bad!!!! 

4. Post contents regularly 
I just wonder why some people ghost on social media. They're nothing but pure ghosts. 
Shout about the things you do! Shout about your achievements! Post about your business! Share your lessons.
Who cares about the number of likes and  engagements??  
They may not like your post, but they're noticing you. You're gradually forming an image of yourself in their minds. 
All because of this social media thing, I've gotten an invite to speak at an event. 
Besides, anywhere I go these days, it's easy connecting with people, sometimes I look like a mini celebrity by the accolades I get from strangers I've never met. 
I don't have large followership yet, neither do I have lots of engagement, but I can tell you, the recognition I get from posting on LinkedIn and Facebook is overwhelming, most especially from strangers that I've never met.  
Don't be a ghost on social media, okayyy?? 

5. Build relationships with important  people on social media. 
I can't overemphasize this. There are some people that you naturally won't have access to them, but you can get their attention on social media. 
It's all about positioning yourself. Engage their posts, talk about how their activities has blessed you. Connect with them,   share ideas. 
But before you do this, ensure that you've positioned your profile in a way that will get people's attention. 

6. Engage with people's posts. 
Infact, that's one of the best ways to start a relationship on social media. Like and give thoughtful comments. Don't just be on a social media platform like as a ghost, let people know that you're there. Let them recognize you. You're encouraging them and you're also giving yourself a platform.

7. Advertise your products and services. 
You're more lucky if your product is a digital one that you don't necessarily have to be there physically.
However, whether digital or physical, you're not disadvantaged. 
Post consistently about your products and services. Use social media to build your personal brand. Let people connect with your business. 
It may not be easy at first, but with time, you'll live to tell the story that you won!

I believe, in the days to come, I'll share more. 
Did you enjoy this? 

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Cephas is a medical student from the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso. 
He's a creative writer, a storyteller par excellence, a serial entrepreneur and an SDGs advocate, he's particularly interested in these SDGs: Health and well-being, Quality Education, Clean water and Sanitation. 

He writes stories for individuals, corporate organizations to empower them connect with people. 
He also documents events in form of storytelling. 
He's also an event host in the making. 
At his leisure time, he practices Ankara crafts, making mind-blowing products with the use of Ankara fabric. 
Cephas is also an ardent believer in the Christian faith. 

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