The Pains And Travails Of Mae

Before the existence of time. 
The conversation just had to happen, because man was already an idea that could not be aborted.

The day for the conversation was fixed, and the subject of the discussion was one that could fracture the everlasting love between the trio. 
The question of who? Who will go for us if man falls? 

The day of the decision came. 
When He was asked. "Who should go?" 
He answered with a question. "In what form?"
The duo responded "In the form of a man".
At first He was speechless, Haaaaaaaaa, you mean, I would drop all these to redeem the rebellious man? 
I'll go as a mere mortal, I'll go naked, I'll go as a weakling, one who has no power to make decisions.
You mean, I would have to subject to human parents, I would have to obey their decisions at my own peril. 

I would experience all the weaknesses of a man, I would be tired, I would be hungry. 
Moreover, at the time of the great sacrifice, they will hang me naked on a tree, a whole me?? A whole God!! 
 The creatures of my hand will torture me like a mere creature, and I would be helpless. 
But while he yet spoke, the love the trio shared, overflowed in his heart. 
He would do this just to bring comfort to the heart of His Father. 
"Yes, I would go! ". He concluded. 
"When will I go?". He asked again. 
"At the appointed time, when the fallen man has tried all he could to be free."
The other two responded. 

After the existence of time, the time of His coming. 
Joe entered, he looked disturbed with his feet dragging behind him as he walked. There were traces of dirt scattered round his face. He took a seat on the mat and breathed heavily. 
Mae, who sat on a small tool, in the corner of the room had received the signal, and even with her big tummy, she motioned to her husband. 
Placing his hands across his shoulders, with the face like that of an angel, she asked. "What's wrong, my lord? ".

Joe was hesitant, he knew at this point that he had to break the news to his beloved love.
Joe removed her hands from his shoulders, held her by her two hands and summoned up the courage to speak as a man that he was.
"Mae, I'm just coming from the workshop now, and on my way, the decree of Emperor Caesar Augustus was read to our ears, he has declared a world population census, unfortunately we have to travel all the way from here to Bethlehem, my hometown, even in this your condition. 

An unprecedented silence evolved in the room, Mae's countenance was slightly affected, she had just received an unexpected news when her delivery was near.

She let go of Joe's hands, without a word from her, she moved closer to the window and consistently gazed at the sky that was gradually fading off. 

After some seconds, she looked back with a bright smile that appeased to the heart of Joseph. 

"Let the will of the Creator be done!" She whispered. 

Joe's heart was strengthened by the words of Mae. 
He wasn't so sure of Mae's reaction, but now that the bright smile had come from her, they can start preparing for the long journey to Bethlehem by foot! 
Oh no! What a journey for a pregnant woman.

Unknowingly, it was a stirring that had happened in the heart of Emperor Caesar Augustus by the Creator, just to fulfil the words of Micah, the prophet. 
That the Creator would arrive in the earth at a specific location called Bethlehem. 

This is just one of the very pains Mae had to go through, just to steward baby Yeshua into the earth. 

Her life was all out there, fulfilling prophecy. She was called blessed, yet she looked cursed. It was as though as a woman privileged to carry Yeshua, all her problems would have been solved supernaturally, after all, she  was a privileged woman. 

Dear reader, your life is also out there going according to the script of the Creator. He created it even before your existence right on earth. 
You're not accidental, you were never a mistake. Your life may be tough, but you're only playing out a script. 
Do not take the shortcuts, keep following. Keep pressing, till you hit the goal.
Mary faced hers and triumphed. 
You too will win. Victory is sure! 

From all of us at Cephas Insights , we say, Feliz Navidad.

Thank you for your support throughout this year. Shine!!! 🔆