The Return of Cephas

 Silence without noise. 

The noise gave no sounds, yet it's deafening. It defeans the receptacles of my soul. 

I had to look for a way to become deaf to a sound I could not hear with my ears. 

A complex oxymoron, isn't it? You're yet to understand my introduction right? 

It is my first piece this year and I'm super excited. Did you miss Cephas? 

It's the day of the social media, it utters no sound, but passes thousands of information to us in a day, deep down into the coffers of our souls, unfortunately, it makes us deaf to the most important things in our lives. It's a deafening sound, that you can't hear with your ears. 

Yes, maybe you took notice, I took a break from social media for two weeks, and for my blog, a whole two months! 

Remember the instructions that our primary school teacher gave us when they taught us how to cross the road. 

Look right, look left, look right again, then cross the road. 

That was exactly what I did before I left. I had to succumb to delayed gratification. I had to let go of the current gain to the future gain. 

It wasn't easy, having to keep my thoughts to myself, I was in a self inflicted prison. The itchiness to write was there, but it couldn't convince me to come back as I had wanted to. 

Indeed, it's the return of Cephas, when I say indeed, believe me, it's indeed.

That season was kinda chaotic too, but I survived and I'm bouncing stronger! 

I'm out of the prison, just to serve you better. It's the return of valuable insights. Bravo! 

Maybe, you also need a break from social media. No harm intended, but for your own good. 

If there is something you would love me to write on consistently, do well to drop it in the comments section, if it's not going through, try it again and again until you're able to comment. 

I missed you, I really did. 

I'll give you guys premium secrets I've discovered, as well as stories, exclusive interviews and lots more. 

It's time to give you the values that you deserve. 

Welcome to Cephas Insights. 

If you're new here, you can go through our previous posts. 
Till I come your way again, 👋

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I am Peter Abegunde, but call me Cephas. A medical student, reformer and Changemaker! I'm an agent of change!