The Two Kids

When God cursed Adam, the curse permeated every nook and cranny of the earth,  the animals, plants, land had to suffer for it. They were degraded, they were reconfigured, it was a necessary price to pay, since Adam ruled the earth as a god. 

You know many times, I wondered, if Adam had not sinned, I would most likely have had a lion as pet, cute little animals. But cursed be the day Adam was cursed, for that is currently not possible. 

So, I witnessed the delivery of two kids (goats) at home. The effects of the curse was at work again, the doe (goat mother) struggled with sharp pain as the labour pangs got a strong hold of her, she voiced out her travails through heavy bleating. 

I'm not callous, so my eyes were pitiful, even though she was a stubborn goat. If you've ever reared goats before, you should know what I am talking about here. 

After about an hour, she delivered of a male and female. So cute. An experience that soon developed magnetic properties, that became fascinated to my memory. 

Not as if the experience was all that memorable, but for the lessons imbedded therein.
It was even scary at some point, to be very honest.  

And when the kids finally came out, I watched how she cleaned them up with an heavenly gift, her tongue. And as she did that, the kids were getting stronger, I guess that process strengthened their feeble bones. By the time they were both cleaned up, the two little kids were able to stand on their feet, although they still staggered. 

That's where the wonder lies, as sophisticated as humans are, we lack the capacity to make that happen. I may not be too versatile with history, but I don't think there has ever been a human being who walked on the day he was born, even Jesus, who was proclaimed to be the son of God never did that. 

You may be wondering where I am taking this to right? Here we go! 

It takes time for humans to walk, many times, a year or plus, but goats walk that same day they're given birth to. 

Now, the question is; Why? 

Something that would pass the test of time needs more time to mature.

Something that would last for a very long time usually requires more time to build. It can't be done in a hurry. 

If indeed you will build something sophisticated, something that generations to come will keep benefiting from, you need to take your time. 

Maturation time for great things do not pass in a jiffy, it takes time. 

You need more time, yes! More time. 

I know there's a conflict in your mind already. I know the world is moving at a very fast rate, and it waits for no one, and many people are moving at a very fast pace with it, all in a rat race that leads to nowhere. 

But a question you should ask yourself is this, how come history does not remember all men equally? It selects only a few.

That's to tell you some men did something that made history remember them more. What they built were made to last. 

So, keep grinding, keep building. Till you're sure you've built something that can last.

Patience, perseverance, vision (PPV), that's what you need. 

In case you're being pressured to show forth instant results, remember this story, and the lesson I brought out of it.

For things that would last, it takes time. 

Leave the rat race! 

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I am Peter Abegunde, but people call me Cephas, I'm a reformer, changemaker masked as a medical student.
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