My Sojourn In The Brown Roof City(IBADAN) - The Journey.


I was lost in the middle of the wilderness of those two experiences. In some few hours, I would be walking on the soil of my ancestors again, after close to two decades of staying away, not intentionally though. 

Still lost in the wilderness of those two experiences, I proceeded with my journey. I took off late into the morning. I had someone I wanted to see, so I had to leave home earlier than scheduled.  

Off to the garage, I met an already filled bus, that was just about to depart, shouldn't that be a bad omen? Nah, I wasn't deterred. 

I had my goal well marked out, IBADAN yà. Ibadan or nothing! 

While waiting for the bus to get filled up, the akara Ogbomoso sellers were never going to spare me, they submerged me in a river of torment through their marketing.  It was a game of reverse psychology. Why will anyone want to make me feel guilty because I didn't patronize their products? Their faces matcheted my heart. 

A whole Cephas! However, I wasn't moved? Not in anyway. Nothing on earth could take the money out of my pocket,  not even for something like Akara Ogbomoso, ( it's okay, but I still struggle to eat it, maybe a personal bias). 

I was left waiting in the bus, observing the cares and affairs of this world, without my phone. 

Nigerians are the problems of Nigeria! That was my conclusion after close to an hour of monitoring the park, like a monitoring spirit. 

The mischievousness, anger, frustration, betrayal,  poverty were all palpable. 

A thing caught my attention, it was an old man begging for alms, with his dressing and his choice of glasses, I assume he was one of the richest in his days. 

What could have happened? From being rich to a pauper, mere pauper! Life, chance, happens to all men. Grace to grass is one of the shortest distances on earth. Be careful of how you live. 

Away from that, another thing to note was the lack of consciousness of time. Mehn, people really do not know the value of time. I was shocked on how things were being dragged unnecessarily.

We took off! IBADAN yà! Long journey for a non travelling person like me. I was damn intimidated by the big trucks, with their ruthless drivers behaving as if they own the roads. 

And the twist happened! My God! 

To be continued! Stay tuned.