The Titan And The Titanic

For good 4 days, the search went on and on! 

The social media was filled with the news of the search, with the US Coast Guard leading the search team, for the missing submersible called Titan. 

The Titan that went in the exploration of the Titanic ship that sank, eventually had the Titanic experience which is, tragedy. Even after a century and a decade, the coordinates of the wreck of the Titanic has remained a very dreaded place. A cemetery for over a thousand, five hundred people. 

What is a submersible? 
A submersible, which resembles a small fish-shaped car, is a vehicle that can function underwater. It does not rely on another vessel for power or air supply like a submarine does because it has its own system for replenishing oxygen.

The name of the Submersible used for this particular exploration was called Titan. A Titan in search of the Titanic that eventually got the Titanic experience. 

The Titanic Experience. 

The Titanic, a large ship, largely believed to be unsinkable. "Not even God can Sink it", a statement emanated from mere mortals to praise the credibility of the strength of the ship. That's how strong the ship was. 

On the night of April 14, 1912, in it's maiden voyage, as the Titanic sailed confidently through the icy waters of the North Atlantic, fate dealt a chilling blow. The ship's lookout spotted an iceberg looming ahead—an ominous sentinel in the vast expanse of the sea. Despite swift action to alter the Titanic's course and reduce its speed, the vessel's fate was sealed.

One would assume that the Titanic's immense size and advanced construction would have rendered it impervious to disaster. Alas, its Achilles' heel lay in its vulnerability to damage beneath the waterline. The iceberg, mercilessly grazing the Titanic's starboard side, opened a series of fatal wounds that would allow millions of litres of water rush into it. 

Now, God did not have to bother to come down cause the disaster, a mere iceberg did the job. A reminder, that man is always a mortal. Human's boast, really should have limits.

Only about 700 people survived, mostly women and children who were considered vulnerable. Men had to stay back to ensure the women and children were saved first due to the insufficient number of lifeboats and collapsibles available on the ship. What a sacrifice!

Expedition To The Titanic wreck.

It would eventually take years for the Titanic wreck to be discovered. After it was discovered, it became a tourist attraction for explorers, to the extent of auctioning over 5000 materials recovered from it. Huge business! 

OceanGate was one of such companies who offered such services to see the wreck, with each passenger having to pay $250,000.

An expensive price to pay for death. The submersible lost communication. Just 1 hour 45 minutes into the journey. The debris found after the four days search suggested that it imploded, killing all the five men instantly! Adding to the death toll on that region of the sea with a tally of 5.

The submersible passengers include OceanGate CEO and founder Stockton Rush, British businessman Hamish Harding, French diver Paul-Henri Nargeolet, Pakistani billionaire Shahzada Dawood and his 19-year-old son Suleman Dawood.

A striking similarity between the Titan and The Titanic. 

In 1912, Thomas Andrews, the man who designed the Titanic Ship, sank with it.

111 years later, the man who designed the Titan Submersive sank with it in 2023 at the same spot while on a tour of the Titanic.

Now, the lessons. 

The young teenager on board had the instinct not to go, he was scared, but he still joined them in the ill-fated submersible, to impress his billionaire father. Follow your instincts, and try not to impress anyone. 

Adventure itself is not wrong, exploration isn't a bad thing, but it has limits. Know when to stop. There's always a breaking point. Never exceed it. 

Never minimize cost when it comes to safety. There are allegations that the company really did not follow the normal standard procedures in the building of the vessel. All warning signals were ignored. Infact, the CEO of the company called safety, a pure waste. Now that neglect of the so called pure waste wasted the lives of 5 people. Remember, safety over cost!