What Kind Of Lens Do You Have?

Up to a month now, I have not been privileged to write to you, I thought it was writers block until a friend stoked the embers of writing in my heart once again. He strongly rebuked me. That fire of rebuke has spurred me on to write you this short story.  

I picked my pen(my phone's keypad) and I had to put this down. 

Life, a mixture of lemon and lemonade, beautiful and ugly, good and bad. 

It just has two extreme shades. It has been designed that you experience the two extremes. 

How has life been treating you? Good or bad? Before you answer, read this little story. 

Two years ago, I had a little issue as regards my glasses, I had to get another one immediately, but I was stuck in school, I couldn't travel home to meet my optometrist. 

Too bad of me, I did not know the power of my lens, so it was practically impossible to get the glasses done without me being present, my eyes needed to be tested before the optometrist make the new glasses. 

We were left with no choice to make the glasses without my presence. A guess work you would call it. 

The risk was taken, and the glasses was sent to me. However, it was defective. I could see with it, only to an extent, it could not accurately capture the needs of my eyes. I was only managing it. 

I had to continue using it, until I forgot totally about the issue for months. And months became years. I was already used to it.

After all, I was still seeing but I couldn't see well. I faced the dire consequences. I couldn't see people from afar, all I always did was a guess work. In class, if I want to see the writings on the wall, I had to be at the very front. 

Even in church, to see the screen was an issue, I had to use my personal Bible always. My vision was blurry. 

It soon became something that everyone noticed.

To make matters worse, I couldn't even notice dirt until it becomes very dirty. Yet, I was looking. 

I had to do something, and I did something. I eventually found an optometrist around school that got the job done for me. 

I got the call that my lens was ready. I rushed down to the place immediately. I put on the lens, and all things changed. I saw things differently and clearly. Everything became brand new, really brand new.
What changed, the lens! Not my eyes. 

How does this relate to you? 

You need a brand new lens to see things, you may be looking but not seeing. You'll make wrong assumptions of things going on in life if you have the wrong lens. What's your perspective of life? 

How do you view things? With the common man lens? 

That'll be wrong. To the common man, things may be bad, but when you've a superior lens, you see an extremely good situation. 

I ask you again, what type of lens are you seeing with? 

You do not need the lens of a common man, you need the superior lens. 

Life might have been so good to you, but you think it's the opposite. 

Get it! The superior lens. 

You need to start seeing things differently, and not as a common man.