From Àyòká To Atòká.

Nestled in the heart of a picturesque Yoruba village, there lived a young woman named Atoka. Like many others in her village, she admired the rich traditions and cherished the vibrant culture that flowed through their veins. Atoka possessed a spirit filled with dreams but lacked the unwavering determination to make them a reality.

One fateful night, as the moon cast its gentle glow upon the village, Atoka was blessed with a vivid dream. In this ethereal vision, she found herself immersed in the midst of a resplendent village festival. The air was abuzz with anticipation, and the sound of joyous laughter filled the atmosphere.

As Atoka's dream unfolded, a delightful dancing competition took center stage. It was the annual dancing festival. Dancers adorned in radiant hues twirled and swayed to the enchanting rhythm of the village drums. The sheer beauty and grace of the performances captured the hearts of all who watched. Atoka, driven by a pseudo inner fire, joined the competition, determined to showcase her talent to the world. Did she have a talent in the first place? 

With every step and every beat of her heart, Atoka unleashed her passion onto the dance floor, but was flawed. Her competitors movements were an exquisite blend of tradition and innovation, captivating the audience and leaving them in awe. The bodies of the other maidens moved with the grace of a gazelle, telling stories of joy, sorrow, and love through her rhythmic expressions.

As the final notes of the melody resonated through the dream village, the crowd erupted in thunderous applause. Atoka, with a triumphant smile upon her face, felt a surge of pride coursing through her veins. She had emerged victorious in the competition, thanks to the folly of a poor dream, proving to herself and her community that dreams could be turned into tangible accomplishments.

However, in the midst of the jubilant celebration, Atoka's joy was interrupted by an urgent call from nature. With graceful humility, she excused herself from the festivities, seeking solace in a nearby grove to answer its persistent plea. As she relieved herself, little did she know that this would be a pivotal moment, blurring the boundaries between her dream and reality. She pee-d on her bed. 

The sun gradually rose, bringing with it the warm embrace of a new day. Atoka, still immersed in the remnants of her dream, slowly awakened from her slumber, with the echoing sounds of her mother from the backyard. Disoriented and momentarily lost in the haze of transitioning from the world of dreams to the realm of consciousness, she suddenly became aware of her surroundings. She was in big trouble! Big, big trouble. 

Atoka had inadvertently bed-wetted, her sheets bearing witness to the boundaries that dreams sometimes blur. Shame and disappointment washed over her, threatening to extinguish the fire that burned within her spirit. The fire of laziness. 

Atoka, the star girl in the dream has transitioned into bed-wetter of the morning.  

Atole jatijati! That's the reward you get when all you do is aspire to become, but never take a step. It will only be in your dreams, and never in reality. 

Take that step today to becoming the person in your dreams.

Her real name was Ayoka, but for the context of this story, it was changed to Atoka(urinates everywhere).