Naked Truth Conversations

The deeply troubled soul of Cephas struggled to pen the next blogpost after the first for the year. The sources of those struggles were external not internal. 

Sights of different scenes were shouting at me to write a story, but the pen of the inner mind refused to yield. It suddenly became obstinate to my inner will and desire. And really, I had many things to share, things I had felt I had wanted to correct. 

At a point, I decided to write a letter to the Gen Zs, I was like the matchstick that hit the matches box, burnt for a moment, but could not last for seconds, the idea of that post was blown off in a jiffy. The thoughts of the letter was blown away by the wind of unwillingness in my soul, but here lies the irony, I was willing. 

One of those days, that wind of stubborness will cease to blow, and then my soul will be released to write on it. Fresh release it will be.

While I yet thought about the numerous stories I would love to paint on the canvas of my blog, one struck me. 

December last year was tough. I was on a slope, and my direction was down. Things weren't going according to my plans, they were on the opposite direction. I was on a journey into depression. 

Visionary Cephas! Whether we are good or not, life continues! I managed it quite well. 

Zoomed off to Ibadan with high hopes, hoping things would change, change for the better. My intuition was strong enough to make me know the water of hopes were in Ibadan, and I MUST drink. 

Got to Ibadan a day before the event that made me travel, I was an MC for the event.

I spent close to three days in Ibadan, but on the day of the event, help came, but that was later after the event. 

There was no way I would visit Ibadan and not meet my covenant brother, Victor Adeboye. God pocketed my help with me. 

It was a late night conversation in front of Faculty of Education, University of IBADAN.  A conversation that lasted over an hour into the very midnight. 

Can't remember the exact trigger of the conversation, but maybe, it's the love of the brotherhood. 

We talked from the very depth of our hearts. We opened up our wounds, and used words of love as dressing materials. We confessed our wrong doings. We rebuked one another. 

We were sincere brothers who wanted something more than the ephemeral things. 

We talked about our lives, our academic sojourn, struggles and mentioned our early days while we both stayed at home for a year in Osogbo. 

It was a night of many conversations. We really didn't bother about the killing cold of the harmattan neither were we bothered by the sounds of the steps of passersby. We simply went on and on pouring out our hearts. 

Nothing was hidden. We judged ourselves. And, we repented. 

We made resolute resolutions, but before we said our goodbyes, we prayed! Heartfelt prayers. 

Heaven sealed it. 'Cause it was a naked conversation. That was all I needed for life to change. From my emotions to health, then to spirituals, the conversation brought change. I was healed by grace! 

Troubled? Or in trouble? Confused? Or in confusion? Maybe what you need is a naked conversation? Where you get to pour out everything. 
Naked conversations! 

Before you go, drop those beautiful comments. I would really love to read them. 

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