Treasures In Earthen Vessels Like Oluwasemiye

Another tale to begin the new year, wait, is the year still new? Maybe for the purpose of this blogpost, it is! Happy New Year, dear reader 🤍.

Permit me to bring a treasure of story from my freshman year, the days of naivety and strong indisputable passion. My 100L days, though tumultuous were days I look up to again! 

The kingdom of heaven operates by force right? That was exactly my defining reality and running mantra, back in those precious days. Old, old, precious days! Awe-mazing! 

I was the hot evangelist(In Reinhard Bonnke's voice) 

In one of those days as I sought to perform my evangelistic enterprise on a lady, a life encounter happened in the process, but I knew it not. 

I was only focused on bringing a lost sheep back home. One of the brethren in my Alma mater had reached out to me to help him specially bring the soul of this lady back home, as an hot evangelist, I considered the work as a yoke and a burden, it's the work of the Father, and must be accomplished! By fire! By force! I had only one option, to bring this handmaiden home into the waiting arms of the Father or nothing. 

One of such days came again and I had the sole privilege of launching my spiritual fishing net into her soul to harvest her soul in similitude of a fish. I was ready for a didactic spiritual exercise. And my pulpit was the front of my lecture theatre. Till now, I don't have a pulpit. Lol! 

Again, remember I was the radical(hot evangelist).

We got the conversation going, with the understanding of the fact that, she's still a Christian but straying, I applied wisdom to the matter. I couldn't go directly as I would have preferred. Be wise!  

As I was sweating to get the work of my father done in heaven, a distraction surfaced. Oh, what a distraction from the pit of..... A brother surfaced from nowhere, he was her childhood friend, they had not seen each other for years. Beautiful reunion it was! But for me, Satan looked as if he was hellbent on wasting my sweat on this lady. 

Wisdom is profitable to direct, Cephas played along. Poor him. I knew that conversation was going to be long, so I gave up! Hot evangelist had no option, lol! 😂 

Conversation went on and on, I endured. I showed my theological sagacity, and displayed it effortlessly in the conversation that sprang up. Incidentally, the brother was a spiritual brother too. Lest I forgot,  I was there for Jesus, no distractions. 

Knowledge puffs up. And it did puff up within me. Bad, but good old days. 

The conversation made me know he was also a medical student. Wow! 

Today, I look back and apologize I in my heart, that that distraction was not from the pit of hell, but from the paradise of heaven. It was a distraction turned divine connection and relationship. 

I am not done yet, that day I saw him, nothing really fascinated me about him, he was too cool! Remember, I was this hot evangelist. He loves God too, but he's too calm for hot evangelists like us. 

Time did something. It brought us together according to what was written in the volume of the books before we got to earth. Two dissimilar beings, yet God has brought us soooo close. 

He's been with me for every of my ideas. He has served every of my vision. From Cephas services, Cephas Packages, Cephas Insights, MC Cephas, and now the World Changemakers Institute. 

We've shared burdens. We've spent nights on the same bed, due to the multiplicity of night classes we had together. We've ate together. We've played together. We've prayed together. We've laughed together.

He's my official photographer and my brilliant graphic designer. 

God brought out a divine connection from a seemingly supposed distraction from God's work. 

And, what about the lady? Sincerely, I've lost touch, but I believe God is in charge. 

God showed me mercy, even though I couldn't discern Oluwasemiye, God brought him to me. 

God connects men. Network, but you don't need to chase men all around. Get busy and pursue destiny. God still connects men. 

That day, in front of FPAS LT, a life encounter had happened. An encounter that birthed a divine relationship. 

I'm happy God brought me Oluwasemiye... And indeed, he's a treasure in earthen vessel.....

Happy birthday, Owolabi Oluwasemiye Israel. God loves you, and I also love you. Welcome to your Rehoboth!