The Food That Turned Anger To Love.

00:37am. Saturday morning. 

I grabbed my phone as I began to pour out my heart again, in yet another adventure of Cephas in the cosmos. 

It has been a rough night for me, with my phone as the culmination of frustration. My soul vehemently  echoed I need a new phone even as I faced the screen of my mini laptop, you would have thought I was doing serious business. Nah! Just gallivanting in my own world I had just created for myself. Simply put, I was lost. My PC just guided me in that journey. 

From watching  a video I've watched over a thousand times(hyperbole intended) to sheepishly watching my throwback pictures and forcing a hoarse smile on my face even as I beheld my poor fashion sense in those shots.  Cephas, this year, you must be fashion-wise. Amen. Beyond my not too good fashion sense, I saw beauty in those pictures. Really, it's good to keep memories. Sweet memories. 

As I watched those pictures, my memory was cast back to an incident that happened last year. My brain clicked! I had just gotten another story to tell. Oh! How I love to tell stories. 

I had just gotten a new roommate, some years younger than I am. Luckily for the two of us, we bonded easily. We flowed like two gracious rivers united at the joining point of Y. I took him as the last born I never had. And really, he behaved as such. 

It was a Sunday morning, and I had cooked an aromatic jollof rice(ingredient-upgraded concussion rice). I kuku had the luxury of time on Sunday mornings because I attend an afternoon service on Sabbath days. I cooked enough rice so I could eat when I returned from Church. As the aroma filled the room, my roommate could not resist the temptation, he vowed to have a taste of it, a taste that became spoons. He ate the portion that I reserved for the evening. 

Obviously, I tried to resist him, but he wouldn't let me be, he promised to make me another jollof before I returned from church later in the evening. That was the deal. And I let him have his way, with a strong hope of meeting food at home when I returned from church.

I should have listened to the silent whispers of my heart which said NO. That balloon of a hope was punctured with a knowing that my roommate forgets things easily. 

Found my way to church after the whole drama. Towards the end of the service, it was as though an hunger tsunami hit my abdomen. My stomach was ravaged by hunger contractions. Immediately after after the grace, I rushed out of the church in hope that my roommate would have prepared another sumptuous meal. Ahhhhnnnnn! Ìyà ma je mi o! 

Luckily for me, I met him on my way to the door, he was seeing a visitor off, asked him about the food, he simply laughed it off. In my mind, this boy with his expensive jokes! 

To my surprise, I met the kitchen empty! Searched everywhere, no sight of food. Olúwa ooooo! 

With the severe hunger pains I was nursing, I nearly ran mad. I went numb, waiting for him to return to my wrath which could melt him in a second.

He came, but I was much calmer, I expressed my anger in words with holy restriction. With my whole ranting, he uttered not a single word. I was mad the more! Whaaaaatttt! I'm dying of hunger here. The hunger of that day is not from here. In my mind, I was like, what can I do to punish this boy? 

I tried keeping my calm, the only thing I knew he did was him entering the kitchen. I didn't even bother to know what he was up to. Anger and hunger were dealing with me....

Suddenly! He came, with a plate of noodles, and uttered a sentence, I am very sorry. Lobatan! 

I didn't know what to do. Speechless. My love from him at that moment went from zero to one thousands.... I'm not Esau that food could easily buy over, but like Jesus who saw genuine repentance and decided to forgive instantly. I saw genuine repentance backed up with action. 

When was the last time you truly repented when you wronged you wronged your fellow man? 

Repent and take that action today! 

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