In Search Of Popularity

Hectic! That's the word. On my bed even as I type this, it's an hectic work. My slides are calling me to read them, yet my blog is shouting on top of my head, you have not published for three weeks now. It kept on shouting.

I answered the call. Here I am! To write! To stop the shouting, and also to share another profound truth of life.

Today is not a day for such regular stories of my life, it's one of the deepest depths of me yet to be uncovered, but will be uncovered after you finish reading this.

2022 came like a rush of adrenaline in a frightened man, it came with a strain of eight months long strike by ASUU, and by the records, the longest in history.

I was just finding my perfect footage in medical School, I was becoming the guru that I wanted to be.

But, here came the pause. We thought it was going to be short, but nah! ASUU hung the axe on their neck, they refused to yield to the threats of the Buhari led Federal Govt. They were following this action potential principle of All or None. Won fi aake kori!

Now away from the rigors of medical school, I had the opportunity to become whatever I wanted to be. I was aimed at becoming one of the most popular students in Nigeria. I wanted to blow.

Did everything that came my way. And it looked as if God was answering my prayers.

My blog seemingly made me blow, that was my first introduction to my limelight.
I led the Clean Up Ogbomoso Project and one other major project.
I appeared on radio for the very first time in my life.
I was all out on LinkedIn (but LinkedIn did me dirty a bit, it was as though the algorithm meant me for bad, I prospered a little, kept on laboring till hope was far in sight). I didn't give up tho.

I thought I was on the right track.

In the midst of these things, some thing was missing. I was happy, truly, strangers would meet me on the street and shower accolades on me, pumping up my ego.

But, here lie the little foxes that spoils the garden. I couldn't manage popularity. I wasn't ready.

My WhatsApp literally became a mess, I felt as if my privacy had been stolen. That was my first sign. Too many people messaging me.

Emptiness was the second sign.

Lack of a unique identity was the third.

Slowly, I began to retrace my steps. 

My hunger and thirst for things and popularity slowly died.

However, it took me up to two years before I finally arrived at this state of lack of hunger for popularity. It was a journey! Hectic journey. God dealt with me and He's still dealing with me.

The stories of how God dealt with me will be told later.

But, why did I write this?

In this life, what are you truly searching for? What are you looking for?
Don't give yourself a religious answer, and the first thing that comes to your mind may not truly reflect the state of your mind. Dig deeper!  What you're looking for determines the things you do.
And there are some people, they're not even looking for anything. By the way, it's dangerous to be in this state.

Again, what are you looking for?

Popularity or?