4 Things To Do Before Making An Important Decision

Have you found yourself making some poor decisions lately? 

Or perhaps you wondered why you messed up so bad in the first place.Or it seems that your decisions has landed you in a total mess.

Well, if you have made some poor decisions lately, then you're not alone. I am as guilty as the next person when it comes to the poor decisions we make.

As a person I'm well aware I make a lot of decisions in a day, a lot of them are autonomous or subconscious, like how I would instinctively reach for my favorite plate, or lift one foot after another while walking. Every person is subject to the rule of choice, you are required to choose, to decide for yourselves, choice is a gift but it can just as easily be a burden. Well it's the full free will package.

I understand we have some decisions we regard as trivial while we regard some  significant and this varies with each person. 

What's important to one person might not be as important to the next, while a graduate would see getting a job as important, someone with a job might see getting a house or a car as more important. And it's a good practice to evaluate what decisions are important to you.  

While it might not seem so harmful to make some decisions, there are some decisions that carry more weight to them. There are decisions you could make that would have certain effects on you later on, some might be positive or gainful with others being negative or harmful. It's most important to make positive decisions whenever you can.

I'll quickly share with you four simple rules to follow when making a decision.

1. Evaluation or choice evaluation

2. Self Evaluation

3.Consult a good mentor/Counselor 

4. Prioritize

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 1. Evaluation or Choice Evaluation

I first take my time to understand the choices I could possibly make. I would indentify the pros and cons of each to understand the effects they would bring me. This is a crucial step because understanding your choices and the limits they present could help you draw up better choices at your crossroad that you weren't able to think of. You should also evaluate it's worth, will it bring much reward? It's better to align yourself to choices with a better worth or reward.

2. Self Evaluation.

After understanding the choices you plan to make, it's a good rule to evaluate your present self. You should identify what your strength and limits are at that moment. Evaluate which choices align more with your strengths. Deciding on making a choice based on your biggest strengths would help boost your confidence.

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4. Consult a good mentor/ counsellor

 A mentor is a skilled person in a field of study you can closely learn from and approach for support. While a counselor provides advice, a mentor would instruct. Having a mentor is an important step in making the right decisions. And a counselor would set you on the right path.

4. Prioritize.

Making decisions isn't a science so there's no exact way or rule when making decisions, although there are several methods and guides and self-help books on making better decisions. This method seems to pop up again and again. Setting your priorities right while making important decisions will save you from unnecessary stress. Weigh your options before making your choice, pick the urgent and weighter option.

Did this help? Let me see your opinions in the comment box.