The Local Boy In Lagos

Cephas, the local boy grew up within the coordinates of People's Republic of Osogbo, he's someone you would call Mummy's boy, always to the bid of Momma et Papa. 

Ever respectful child, the priceless favorite and the ever dynamic last born. Rarely travels, rarely gets exposure, does not even know the things out there. Innocent boy, very innocent and naive.  

He attended the best of secondary schools in Osun, but, his kangaroo had a glaring defect, his Kangaroo's forepaws are much smaller than their hindpaws. Cephas lacked exposure, hence the appellation, the local boy.

But the local boy would not always be local. A liberation day would come in his life that would  reconfigure his mindset. 

One day, he found the light of global mindset and that has since illuminated him unto the paths of greatness. With the global mindset came dreams, super duper dreams. Some were big, while some were small. 

One of his dreams was to visit Lagos. Lagos! Èkó àkéte! Something really must be special about Lagos, he must have thought. 

But, here comes a dilemma. How shall these things be? What on earth would take him to Lagos, a whole local boy!

He was privileged about two or three times to have the opportunity to visit, but things came up! Finances, or couldn't qualify for the next stage that would have earned him the visit to Lagos. 

Disappointed, yet never gave up! 

Will he eventually get to step on the soils of Lagos?  

Take a glass of water, the journey just started. 

Hurdles to Cross, TBP, here I come! 

All I saw was a global opportunity, never really knew the details of it, I just applied blindly. I just filled in what my heart told me. Oh! What a sincere heart, the childlike heart. Although, I had heard about The Afara Initiative before, but little about The Bridge Program.  

Poom! A mail surfaced, I was scheduled to record a video based on some prompts already given. A deadline was attached, 48 hours, but procrastination wouldn't kill me, the stubbornness in me kept on postponing till I forgot. 

The day of the deadline came, I was in class, and an SMS popped. Today or no more! I gotta submit the video that day, that very day! 

As the lecturer finished his lecture, I rushed out of the class. Who on earth would go for an online interview in front of a class, with some minor background noises? Who on earth but Cephas! The local boy!!!! 

If there's something the local boy Cephas has, it's his confidence and audacity. I had it and I still do.  

Despite the brewing tension in me, I answered to the very best of my ability. Speaking is just my natural ability, and answering questions wasn't really hard for me. I was sure of getting into the next round. 

Poom! Again, I qualified for the next round, and I received a mail. This time, it looked as if village forces were conspiring against me. It was my own great conspiracy.
First, I saw the mail a little late, and then, the NEPA in Ogbomoso looked as if they had a strong partnership with village forces to ensure I had no power to charge my device. To make matters worse, there was no place to charge, subsidy removal was dealing with the rich and poor students(fuel had become masquerade's poop in the open market) . Lol! 

Not on a day like this, the day of my interview with Lara Rabiu! The Lara Rabiu! 

But God would always show up for His boy, I was able to manage my power bank till the time of the interview.  It was on a Sunday and that day was the very first time I did an extensive research about the program. See my life! 

But still, tension dey!  I felt it was totally impossible to be picked. The probability of getting in was soooo low.

On the call with Lara, 

Lara was such a sweet soul, her voice calmed my nervous nerves, 

All she asked me for was introduction. 

And I went for a long one, telling her about my numerous achievements, especially on my social impact escapades. But, she would not let me continue in that line, she asked me what I wanted to do with medicine. Obviously, I knew I wasn't going to practice like a normal regular doctor. I had big dreams, and I poured it down again. 

There's something about local boys, they always have big dreams. 

I finished the interview and said to myself, Cephas, you did very bad. There's no way you would make it to top 60. What you said was pure balderdash!

 Don't mind me, I'm only but a low-key perfectionist. 

Surprisingly, after some days,  I received another mail, I was scheduled for another interview with Lara, and this time, I did it while I was sick. Looked as if village people were on my neck again, I joined the meeting, but nobody allowed me in after several minutes. I was eventually allowed in. I conquered the village people again. 

Lara didn't say a word, it was Debanjan Nayak. Just one question, and I was done. 

Why do you want to be a part of The Bridge Program? 
I answered to the best of my ability and left it all in the hands of God, the One who gave me the big dreams. 

The Response.. 

The mail came in the following evening , my phone was slow in loading the mail, I almost ran mad within those seconds of trying to know the content. I was like a tension wire carrying dangerous voltage of electricity that could kill a man. 

And the answer was yes! The local boy would be going to Lagos. For the very first time in his life, and  in grand style. 

I shouted like a mad man, my neighbors were curious, they asked me questions, I explained to them, but they didn't understand. 

Actually, no evidence, I go explain tire... 

It was as if I won a million dollars. Actually, after the program, I felt I won more than that. 

The Journey.  

I had to leave from Ogbomosho, A two days journey for me, got to Ibadan on Saturday , and then, Lagos on Sunday. 
Follow who know road. 
As encouraged by the Program organizers, I tagged along some students from University of IBADAN, I had heard bad things about Lagos, I couldn't go there all by myself. Poor me! 

The train ride. 
It was a early morning rush to the train station in Moniya, village people almost made us miss the train, but I had my way again. God dey my back! 

The local boy entered the train for the very first time in his lifetime. That would be the first amongst many other personal records that would be broken in my two weeks journey. I turned Samuel(Dr Smart) into an emergency photographer in the train, I ensured he took several pictures and videos. Local boy indeed. 

The ride was smooth, looked as if I was in an airplane(meanwhile, I'll soon enter one). 

The A.C in the train nearly killed me, it was too cold! On a cold sunday morning? Why me? 

A funny moment at the BRF train station, Agege. I will not tell you what happened, the local boy was embarrassed, thank God no one was watching me. 

Journeyed down with three other fellows, Samuel, the jovial and free guy,  Seun, highly reserved, and Yusuf (too reserved and looked too techbro-ish).

By the way, cost of transportation in Lagos is something else. Kai! 

My first thought when I entered the venue? Money is good! 

Yes!  I stamped my feet on the soils of Lagos, it was  another dream fulfilled, many more to go! .

If the local boy can dream, he will definitely go global. 
How was the Bridge Program? 

To be continued... Before you go, ensure to drop a beautiful comment.